Zen VS Competition 

Zen Sports and Relief Balm 94
Tiger Balm 55
Ben Gay 43
Icy Hot 39

Pain Relief is a 200+ Billion Dollar Industry Globally

ZEN is the Only Manufacture with a Women’s Specific Line

Zen Dominates The Competition!

We’re stronger than our competition and the only manufacturer with a women-specific line of pain balms.

Most balms, ointments, and salves are counter-irritants. Essentially, the product counters the irritant by signaling the brain to replace the irritating sensations of aches and pains with the more pronounced sensations of the counter-irritant. This only works for a limited time. The sensations of the counter-irritant wear away.

The original irritant returns because the effects of the counter-irritant are only on the surface of the skin. An analgesic, on the other hand, is one that penetrates deep into the muscles to relieve aches and pains. Zen Products are true topical analgesics. When applied, they not only act as a counter-irritant to provide comfort and relief, they also extend deep into the areas where they have their maximum effect; penetrating into the muscles to sooth the painful area, allowing it to heal naturally and painlessly.

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