Fitness and Health, I believe it’s what we all want. I don’t remember ever meeting a person who didn’t want to be in shape or in good health. Sometimes, it takes more than just “wanting” to be healthier though, you need to take action. It could be a simple action that truly isn’t that hard. For instance a few little changes in your life/diet.


Drink more water – Couple liters a day will do it, it’s great for your system and keeps you hydrated.

Stop drinking soda – If you can’t/won’t stop, simply choose healthier drinks. Take a minute to look at the label.

Quit Fast Food- choose the lower calorie fit meals if you refuse to quit. (They’re still pretty good and it’s better than that Double Bacon Cheese)

Go to the GYM- Ok, this is an obvious one, but I know many of us say “I don’t have the time” or “It’s too expensive”. If that’s the case, even walking around your neighborhood, doing pushups in your house or some light stretching is better than nothing. It doesn’t matter who you are, staying active for at least 30 minutes a day could extend your life. We all feel better after working out, you may be a little sore, but it’s a good sore.

Get away from the computer, smartphone or tablet- This is extremely hard for a lot of us nowadays, even me. With many of us having computer related jobs, it’s way easier said than done. Nonetheless, you have to force yourself to unplug. Set a day or two to completely step away every week. If you don’t have that, set even an hour or two to read, meditate or even just sit in silence and think. It’s a great feeling and you’ll thank yourself. We all need alone time, it’s great for your health, so go ahead and WOOSAH…..

DANCE – Don’t tell me, you’re a horrible dancer. Who cares, bust out some of your favorite tunes, crank the radio up and cut it. It can be out with friends, by yourself, the club, your living room, doesn’t matter, just dance. You don’t have to be good, but you’re moving and enjoying yourself, that’s the point.

Get a full checkup from your doctor – I don’t like going to the hospital, doctor or anyplace people are sick, but it’s good to know your current health situation. You could be walking around with high blood pressure and not even know it. Hopefully that’s not the case, but my point is you never know. If you haven’t been to the doctor in a while, get in there and get a tuneup.

Start a new hobby/sport or pick up an old one- This is great way to get back in shape if it’s an active hobby or sport. If it’s not an active hobby/sport, it’s something you enjoy and that’s great for your mind. Get back to doing what you love, even if it’s only a couple hours a week.

Start cooking more – Can you cook? Yeah, I’m not the best either, but every week I look up a new recipe and follow it. I’ve been making some great meals, it’s healthier, fun and opens you up to living better. (Of course this doesn’t mean peanut butter and Nutella grilled cheese sandwiches with Fluff on top – think healthy and delicious)

Don’t Text so much and call – We all text, but recent studies have shown that actually calling instead is better for your mind. Healthy mind, healthy body, stop texting so much. (This kind of falls under the get away from the smartphone bit, but thought I’d mention it separately)

Stop procrastinating- Just do it, as soon as that “I’ll do it later” or “I can do that tomorrow” thought pops into your mind about something you’ve been putting off, just pony up and get it done. You’ll feel better and it won’t be in the back of your mind anymore.


I’ll leave it there for now, but the bottom line today is just to keep moving and enjoy your life the best you can while being a little more conscious of what you put in and on your body.



Team Zen

PS: Here’s a shot from the Keenan Allen commercial shoot the other day. We’re all extremely excited to have such a talented young man part of the Zen team.