With three days left to shop, time is quickly running out to buy last minute Christmas gifts for everyone left on your list. I have some last minute gifts to buy myself, and with being pressed for time, I have been looking for unique gifts that I can quickly purchase, and even send, online. However,  of course, I want the gifts to be thoughtful and meaningful. There’s nothing worse than giving a gift, just to give, without any thought or meaning put behind the gift itself.

During my search, I’ve found some great websites and web services that offer unique gifting options. If you search hard enough, you can find pretty cool, useable and unique, last minute Christmas gifts for those left on your list.

However, I have some great news! I can save you some time as I have put together a list of the best online, gift-giving options that offer quick delivery, as well.



Last Minute Christmas Gifts



Unique, Last Minute Christmas Gifts That You Can Buy And Send Online



1. Cloud9living.com

Cloud9living.com has 1,000’s of instant gifts for you to purchase and send online. The cool thing about these gifts is that they are “Experiences” based on location. They offer Dinner Cruises, Food Tours, City Tours, Scenic Tours, Flying Experiences, Action and Adventure Gifts, Outdoorist Gifts,  Race Car Driving, Golfing and lots more! If you’re not sure what to buy, you can also purchase gift certificates and let the gift receivers choose their “experience” for themselves.

You can also shop by category, such as “Gifts For Her/Him,” “Gifts For Food Lovers,” and “Gifts For Adventures,” plus much more. All you have to do is go to the website and enter the city for which you want to search in.

After you select your gift, you can instantly email a note and the gift, or print a note to give yourself!


2. Amazing Clubs

Amazingclubs.com offers many different clubs to join such as wine, beer, coffee, hot sauces, candles, dog treats, dinner, movies, plus much, much more! There is even a variety club where you can create your own club. 

For a gift, you choose a club and purchase the membership as a gift option. Each month, the item of the month is delivered right to the receiver’s door. You can choose how many months you would like to include in your gift. 

The receiver will receive an announcement card of your gift including your personal message via postal mail. However, since this is last minute, you can print the announcement card and give it yourself. The actual monthly gift will be sent according to schedule.

What I like about this gift service is the uniqueness of it. For instance, if you give a membership to the “Bagel of the Month Club,” the receiver will get 16 bagels baked fresh from select NY bakeries once a month. The “Fruit of the Month Club” ships 5 pounds of just-picked, perfectly ripened fruit straight from the grower once a month. And, the “Tea of the Month Club” sends fresh teas from around the world once a month.

There are so many to choose from, and you really can’t go wrong with this unique gift!


3. A Magazine Subscription 

I know that this sounds old-fashioned, but if you think about it, magazines are still popular and read all the time, or they would have gone out of business a long time ago! If you go to the store and buy one issue from the magazine rack, it can run about $5.oo an issue. You can buy an entire subscription online for about that price!

The thing is that most people won’t buy magazines for themselves. So, this can be a unique gift. First, I would do some prodding and make sure that they don’t get the digital copy already. Maybe, ask their spouse or best friend, or nonchalantly bring it up in conversation. And, of course, you have to know what the receiver is into so that you can choose the right magazine subscription for them!

Again, it can take some time for physical delivery to occur, so give a card for now with the announcement and let the receiver know when they can expect their first issue.

Here are two places to buy relatively cheap magazine subscriptions:

  • Amazon.com ─ Magazine subscriptions run anywhere from $5.00 – $24.00 with most of the more common ones being at the $5.oo price.  
  • Bestdealmagazines.com ─ Magazine subscriptions start at $4.69 and go up from there with a lot of the common ones starting in the lower range.


You can also consider buying and sending digital copies of magazine subscriptions from Amazon. Just make sure to mark it as a gift so that you can deliver it electronically.




Last Minute Christmas Gifts - Giftcards



Here Are Some Less-Unique, But Quick Gift Sends!



  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • eBook Gift Cards ─ Kindle or Nook
  • A Hulu or Netflix Subscription ─ make sure they don’t already have one!
  • Amazon Gift Card ─ My personal favorite as they can literally buy almost anything that they wish for on Amazon!
  • A local Box Store Gift Card – Target, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s, etc. . . They can use these at the store or online!
  • Any Gift Card to a local store that you know that they like to shop at ─ A local Gift Shop, Garden Center, Hobby Store, Antique Store or Book Store.



We hope that these ideas help with finding your last minute Christmas gifts!

Merry Christmas!

Robin, and the Zen team



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Last Minute Christmas Gifts


We here at Zen Sports Balm wish you a happy Holiday Season and hope that you find the perfect, last minute Christmas gifts for everyone on your Christmas list!


Mery Christmas!