The Ross Family

Zen Enterprises is a family founded business by the Ross Family.

Since 1947, the Ross family has invested, produced and created hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of branding, patents, products, marketing campaigns and inventory. The Ross family name has sold bicycles, accessories and fitness equipment throughout the United States. This has made “Ross” a recognized brand, known for cutting edge and high-quality products.

In 1983, Randy Ross introduced the mountain bike as the American bicycle. He made them accessible to everyone, from the very best to the most novice cyclist. That same year, Randy Ross coordinated the creation of the “Ross Indians”: the first professional factory-sponsored mountain bike race team, complete with paid riders, uniforms and a support staff. Randy Ross’s ability to create excitement for his product is unparalleled by anyone in the industry.

The Ross family, known for their background in bicycle manufacturing, has long been aware of the benefits, as well as the occasional aches and pains of an active lifestyle. After a lifetime of Mountain bike accidents, along with other sports and lifestyle-related injuries, Mr. Ross’s chronic pain turned daily tasks into a struggle. Doctors’ prescriptions were given, and in turn, a downpour of negative side-effects began. They knew there had to be another option, so the search was on! The goal being; to find an effective, pain-relieving product without damaging side effects.

When nothing on the market worked quite right, developing something new seemed to be the only option. The Ross family quickly put their knowledge of manufacturing and launching high quality products into action. After an introduction to Ayurveda (one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine) Along with years of researching, sourcing, formulating, and testing; We can proudly introduce ZEN, an effective line of all-natural, topical pain relievers with no side effects.