Exercising To Lose Weight? Don’t Make These 6 Mistakes!

Are you exercising with a primary goal to lose weight, but not seeing the pounds drop off fast enough? It could be because you are making several mistakes. Read on to learn about 6 mistakes that you could be making while exercising that are inhibiting your weight loss.     6 Mistakes You Could Be Making [...]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System!

The changing seasons bring in the cooler air, along with the cold and flu season. When everyone else around you is getting sick, is there something that you can do to avoid it? The answer is "Yes!" By keeping your immune system strong, you can help defend yourself against all the unavoidable germs that are floating [...]

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12 Reasons To Get Out And Go Hiking Today!

There are tons of healthy benefits to hiking ─ both physically and mentally.  All it takes is getting out there and doing it! What is a hike exactly? Well, according to Google, a hike is a long walk ─ especially in the wilderness or country. Does that mean that you have to make it an all [...]

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How To Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Almost 1/3 of adults are calculated to suffer from high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure is a significant risk for heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men in the U.S. The worst part about this is that a lot of people don't realize that they have high [...]

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3 Simple, Daily Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Overall Health!

Everyone wants to improve their health, but when do you find the time actually to do it? Furthermore, changes can be hard to make and stick to! We have come up with 3 simple, daily changes that you can incorporate into your life without hardly taking notice! Give them a try and before you know it, [...]

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Lack Of Exercise Found To Be Linked To Fatality Increase!

Yes, we all know that we should be exercising because it's healthy to do so. But, did you know that the lack of exercise is actually detrimental to your health? A recent study performed by the University of Cambridge, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, finds that two times the number of fatalities occur from not exercising [...]

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Fishing Breakthrough! Why It’s Good Exercise & A Mental Health Boost!

Though fishing is called a sport, it is often overlooked as a form of exercise. In actuality, fishing burns calories and works out the arm, back, core and leg muscles! Furthermore, this precision based sport challenges your mind, which in turn works out your brain to sharpen your mind and improve memory!  Fishing also requires [...]

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Small Steps To Get Back To Exercising!

Exercising can be exciting again! Taking small steps is the key to getting back into exercising! Furthermore, it doesn't matter what kind of exercise you do, as long as you enjoy it! Take a look at these tips to get off of the couch and back into a daily exercise routine. Do Not Over Think [...]

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