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10 Best Essential Oils To Ward Off Bugs!

Spring is finally here! Most of us have been waiting for the warmer weather to arrive. It's time to open the windows, uncover the patio furniture, and enjoy the fresh air. Unfortunately, along with the warmer, fresh air, comes the mosquitos and other creepy crawlies. It's bad enough that we have to deal with these [...]

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions | 10 Best Essential Oils For Cleaning

With today's cleaning products full of chemicals and toxins, many people are looking for eco-friendly cleaning solutions and are gravitating towards environment-friendly products. All-natural essential oils are antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and are naturally astringent. Therefore, these powerful properties make essential oils ideal for eco-friendly cleaning. If you are just starting out with using essential oils, [...]

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Camphor Essential Oil | A Look At A Natural Pain Reliever

Camphor essential oil has powerful anesthetic and antispasmodic properties and when applied topically is a significant pain reliever. In fact, this natural, essential oil is used in many modern medicines. However, OTC medications also contain synthetic, or chemically processed ingredients, which cause many harmful side effects. To eliminate the side effects and maintain all-natural ingredients [...]

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Lavender Essential Oil: Healthy Skin Care Recipes!

Lavender Essential Oil is a natural healer and has several beneficial uses for your skin. What is great about this essential oil is that it is a non-irritating and calming oil which is safe for most skin types. It can help relieve skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, acne and scalp irritations. Because of its [...]

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12 Pleasing, Warming Wintertime Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

During the wintertime, we welcome scents of pine trees, burning firewood, mistletoe and homemade baking! We appreciate winter scenes of snow-covered landscapes, icicles and colorful, holiday lights! Why not bring your favorite scents and scenes into your home? These 12 wintertime, essential oil blends will create a pleasantly seasonal atmosphere in any room of your home! [...]

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7 All-Natural Treatments For The Common Cold Plus At-Home Recipes!

With the cold and flu season upon us, it is important to take precautions to prevent getting sick. However, when we do get sick, it is too easy to buy over the counter (OTC) cold and flu medicines. The problem is that OTC medication is costly, and it's a foreign substance that our bodies don't recognize as natural. [...]

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How To Use Lavender Essential Oil To Relieve Headaches!

Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Many people do and for a very good cause. Headaches may be a sign that the head has had enough! Too much thinking, tension, noise, lights and action do not help your mind. Anxiety and stress are other culprits of frequent headaches. Lavender Essential Oil  Lavender essential oil has [...]

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Pumpkin Pie Essential Oil Diffuser Blend!

Who doesn't love Pumpkin Pie? With Thanksgiving coming up, wonderful smells fill the home ~ One being Pumpkin Pie! By blending essential oils, you can create your very own Pumpkin Pie Essential Oil diffuser blend! With this blend, your home will bear the scent of baking pie, but without any of the work! Try this wonderful [...]

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3 Of The Best Essential Oils For cleaning Your Home!

People want to keep their homes clean but hate the harsh chemicals that are found in most store-bought, cleaning products. A lot of these chemicals are unsafe for children and pets, and have a strong, chemical smell which can burn the throat and eyes! There is a solution, however! ─ Use Essential Oils for cleaning [...]

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Uses For Clove Essential Oil ~ A Look At All-Natural Ingredients

~ A Look at Clove Essential Oil With Some Included Recipes ~ The Clove tree is an intensely aromatic, evergreen tree from Indonesia, producing the clove buds that are well known as a spice. Clove buds were widely used in ancient Chinese and Indian cultures and has since expanded to different parts of the world. [...]

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