Swimming is Therapeutic in so many ways!

Swimming is beneficial for anyone. The water doesn’t know how old or young you are. It doesn’t know what kind of shape you are in. Water doesn’t judge! So, don’t be afraid to get in and swim!

Not only is swimming good for your body, but it also can play an important part psychologically. It can uplift your mood, lessen your anxiety and genuinely make you feel better! For those with a painful injury, or for anyone suffering from pain, this is a win-win situation. Not only does swimming help to relieve pain, but the uplifting experience that comes along with swimming is always appreciated! Therefore, a good swim can really improve the quality of your life, day by day!

How is taking a swim beneficial for you emotionally?

1. It’s mood lifting:

Water, in general, is refreshing. When you enter the water, it cools your body and offers a sense of calm. This will improve your mood when you are feeling down.

2. It’s energizing:

Swimming leaves you with a sense of feeling energized! Unlike other sports, the energy gained from being in the water stays with you, allowing you to feel more energized afterward.

3. It’s fun:

Taking your family to the pool or the beach is always a good way to spend some quality time. Moreover, it creates fun memories for you and your family. Even if you are alone, just getting out and heading to a social environment can offer a sense of fun! It is amazing at what a little “fun” can do for your spirit!

4. It’s a stress reliever:

A good swim is a perfect way to release stress! The contact with the water is therapeutic and helps loosen up your tight muscles, which releases stress and tension. By allowing your body to relax, your mind can relax. Furthermore, you can swim, jog or even walk in the water while keeping a steady rhythm against the resistance it offers. Concentrating on your rhythm creates a sense of a relaxing meditation.

How is swimming beneficial to you physically?

1. It’s a low impact exercise:

Because swimming is a low impact exercise, it is perfect for people with sports injuries or other types of pain. While swimming, the water supports your body. Because the water has a higher density than air, just moving through the water becomes a low impact exercise. Water offers a condition where exercising is easier for some people. It’s great for elderly people with joint pain. It is safe for pregnant women, overweight people and is ideal for individuals with any kind of pain.

2. It works out your entire body:

Even if you are concentrating on an injury, specific joints or your lower back, swimming works out your entire body. You have to use all of your muscles while swimming, so this creates mobilization which in return is a low impact exercise. Even if you are waist deep, you will have to swing your arms to wade through the water!

3 .It also works out your heart:

You might not realize it, but even while wading in a pool or doing low impact exercises, you are also raising your heartbeat, which in return is working out your heart. For those doing laps, this can be an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise too!

4. It relieves aches and pains:

Swimming is known to reduce tension and help with pain. Some doctors prescribe swimming to people with joint or back pain. It turns out that the back stroke is the perfect exercise for relieving back pain! If you are unfamiliar with the backstroke, learn some techniques at Enjoy Swimming.


After your swim, consider using a natural health remedy to continue to ease your pain. Essential oils are a great all-natural way to relieve pain! You can purchase your own essential oils and create unique massage blends, or you can buy an all-natural product designed to treat pain.


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have.