Do you remember all the activities that you did as a kid? Hanging from the monkey bars, whipping the baseball from base to base and tossing some hoops ─ all which involved using your shoulder muscles on a regular basis? As children, our muscles were so limber, and we had an incredible range of motion! Do you still have that range of motion in your shoulders? For most of us, the answer sadly is no! And, because we have lost our range of the motion, doing any activity which challenges it results in painful shoulders. Sometimes for days!

You can’t blame everything on not being a kid anymore. There really is no excuse for not exercising our shoulder muscles on a daily basis. The truth is that we are too busy (or, say that we are), or we simply don’t do the right exercises. Yes, walking is exercise, but it doesn’t work out our shoulder muscles too much. Maybe it’s the mere fact that we don’t think about our shoulder muscles too much ─ that is until we randomly do use them ─ then, they become sore!

painful shoulders

Outdoors-woman carrying firewood!

Technology doesn’t help either! We used to have to carry water from outside to inside ─ in buckets. Now we twist the top off of a bottle. We used to have to chop wood and carry it indoors to keep our homes warm. Now, we turn up the thermostat. Think about TV’s ─ we used to have to get up, at least, to turn the channel! Now, it’s simply pushing a remote control button! Just think, is there any daily activity that we do which uses our shoulder muscles at all anymore?

The problem with not using our shoulder muscles on a daily basis is that when we do need to use them, they are not ready for the task at hand. Some activities that we might sometimes do, such as digging in a garden, rowing in a canoe or kayak, or even going bowling, can result in painful shoulders! How can we prevent that from happening? Isn’t it smarter to keep our shoulders in shape, tough and powerful ─ every single day?

Painful shoulders

You can work out your shoulders using simple yoga poses!

The answer is Yes! And, yoga is the way you can do it! In yoga, you can learn to improve and to extend your range of motion by using simple movements and stretches. You will learn to connect your breath to your movements and to keep your movements within the pain-free range of motion! As you become more flexible in your shoulder region, you can work on extending your pain-free range of motion. The trick is to work on your range of motion every day, and eventually, your shoulder muscles will become strong and flexible again!

And guess what? It only takes minutes a day to do these poses, so there are no more excuses! Absolutely none!

In conclusion, by working out your shoulder muscles every day by using simple yoga poses and stretches, you can extend your range of motion ─ which in turn makes your shoulders limber and powerful ─ up for any task! Don’t deal with painful shoulders anymore! Take a look at these 9 Yoga Poses to Open Your Shoulders by to get started!


We wish you the best of strong shoulders!

Robin, and the Zen Team!



painful shoulders

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