Relaxation Techniques ─ An Alternative Way to Treat Pain!

Relaxation Techniques are trending right now as an alternative way to treat pain. People today experience pain for so many reasons. From chronic pain such as back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia, to everyday aches and pains from exercise or a busy lifestyle, pain has become a commonplace for so many. We are always looking for a way to combat our aches and pains, and learning how to relax just might be the answer!

Read on to learn relaxation techniques and why relaxation can be helpful to help ease pain.

How Can Learning Relaxation Techniques Help Me?

Relaxation eases aches and pains and helps to keep them from getting worse by lessening tension in the muscles. Learning to relax can help you fall asleep, reduce your anxiety, make you less tired during the day and give you more energy.

Basic Guidelines for Relaxation:

  1. You can’t force relaxation. Sometimes, it might be harder than other times to relax. You might need to train your mind to “let go” of your thoughts so that you are able to relax.
  2. It can take a week or two to feel the effects of relaxation. Remember, since you are training your mind, it is a work in progress.
  3. Try committing to a schedule where you have about 10, uninterrupted minutes, twice a day. If you have more time, that’s great, but 10 minutes is a good place to start.
  4. While you are going about your day, notice which muscles are the tensest or which joints are bothering you the most. These are the areas that you will want to focus on the most during your relaxation time.

What Position Should you be in During Relaxation?

Relaxation occurs in any position that is comfortable for you. You can sit, or lay down. Just remember that you want to be as comfortable as possible to release all the tension. For joint pain, you don’t want to apply any pressure on these areas. Make sure your arms are loose and do not cross them. Crossing your arms or legs can add tension and cause numbness. Use pillows to aid in your comfort.

Methods of Relaxation:

  1. Slow rhythmic breathing: Clear your mind, or concentrate on an object to keep focus. Inhale slowly and deeply while tightening your muscles. Exhale slowly, and as you do so, lessen the tension of your muscles. Relax now for a minute, breathing comfortably while keeping a clear mind. Make sure that your entire body is relaxed. Continue with this exercise for 10 minutes. When finished, stay still for another moment, then begin to slowly move your body from the relaxed position.
  2. Progressive relaxation of certain body parts: Use the above technique, but this time focus on individual body parts in which you are experiencing the pain.
  3. Rhythmic massage and visual concentration: With this technique, you can either stare at an object or visualize an object or peaceful scene in your mind. Keep your mind clear and relax your body as much as possible. With one hand, massage the area of tension. You can use an essential oil blend with this technique. If you can’t comfortably reach the area of tension, ask someone to do this for you if possible.
  4. Basic inhale/exhale technique: Inhale deeply while tensing your entire body, even your face and neck muscles. Hold your breath for a few seconds, or as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Release your breath slowly, while at the same time releasing the tension of your muscles. Allow your body to become entirely limp. Wait for about 20 seconds, then repeat. Do this for 10 minutes.

Recorded, Guided Relaxation CDs and Videos:

You can find plenty of pre-recorded, guided relaxation sessions. Try looking up some on Youtube, or you can purchase them online and at stores. Guided relaxation techniques will walk you through the relaxation process and help you to concentrate and clear your mind.

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