First off, we would like to thank Joseph Addison for the beautiful quote that is the title of our post today. Reading truly is an exercise for the mind! In fact, reading every day is shown to be a significant, overall health boost! To express our appreciation of reading, we have put together 8 reasons why reading is beneficial to our health and why you should read every day!

1. Reading Creates Mental Stimulation~ 

Studies show that stimulating your brain on a regular basis keeps it strong and healthy. Stimulation keeps it working properly and for longer ─ it wards off Dementia and Alzheimer’s in elderly people. Reading is a powerful, cognitive stimulation, and everyone should read on a daily basis.

2. Reduces Stress~

Have you ever noticed that while reading a good book, you lose your mind to the story? You forget about everything else around you and just focus on the words. This focus forces the daily, built-up stresses to slip away and allows your mind to break away from the real world! It is important to find a way to let go of stress and reading is the perfect tool!

3. Reading Offers Knowledge~

Reading fills your mind with new information. Having as much information as possible is important because you never know when you will need it! In general, gaining knowledge makes your smarter. Furthermore, knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you!

4. Expands Your Vocabulary~

The more you read, the more you learn new words and their meanings! People who read are more well-spoken than individuals who do not. This knowledge will help with your writing, your profession and your self-esteem! Learning new vocabulary makes you more knowledgeable on a number of topics as well! There’s nothing more powerful than being well-read and well-spoken!

5. Reading Improves Your Memory~

While reading, you have to remember the setting, characters, their stories, the overall story… and so on. Plus, you have to remember the details day to day or chapter to chapter when you are reading a longer book. Absorbing all the particulars of the characters and the story, and then storing them in your mind improves the function of memory!

Furthermore, research shows that while reading, you can forge new brain synapses, or pathways in your brain ─ and even strengthen ones that already exist! These pathways assist with building stronger short-term memories!

6. Improves Your Thinking Skills~ 

Sometimes reading involves analyzing details and guessing what is going to happen. This is called critical and analytical thinking. Your mind has to put together the clues and think about what is going to happen. When you carefully analyze the meaning or plot of a story, it works out your brain in several healthy ways.

Furthermore, after analyzing a story, you can have an intellectual conversation with others who have interpreted the same story! For this reason, book clubs are hugely popular these days!

7. Improves Focus and Concentration~

All day, your interest pulls in different directions ─ sometimes all at once. This pulling is considered multi-tasking. Multi-tasking can be stressful for the brain because there is no real focus. It’s a good workout and a challenge, but there is no peace and will eventually cause fatigue. Reading lets your brain focus and concentrate on one thing ─ the story. This focus is calming and allows your mind to relax and to release daily stresses.

8. Reading Leads to Better Writing Skills~

Have you ever wanted to write? Reading different styles of writing by various authors teaches you the skills that go along with writing and how to express the English language correctly.

Firstly, reading teaches you the proper ways to construct a good sentence, to write a conversation between characters, and to represent character point of views ─ or your own point of view.

You say you don’t want to write a book? Well, everyone has to write sometimes, even if it’s an occasional letter, email, report or form. What about a resume? Have you ever read some people’s horrible writing ─ say in online comments or chats? It is worth your time to improve you writing skills! Furthermore, improving your overall writing skills allows you to come across as intelligent and well-spoken! Who doesn’t want that?


In conclusion, reading is a great activity that is truly good for your overall health and well-being! Find a good book today, a quiet place, and begin to build on your cognitive skills!


Robin, and the ZEN Team!




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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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