Here at Zen Sports Balm, we believe that knowledge is one of the most important aspects of human health and well-being. Therefore, an incredible amount of energy and time is put into the study of each ingredient used in our products. Zen Sports Balm‘s all-natural, pain-relieving products invigorate the human body, reduce pain & encourage a natural state of wellness.

Zen Sports Balm knows the Importance Of Understanding Pain


Zen Sports Pain Relief Balm Understanding pain diagram


“When an injury occurs in the body, the nerves create a type of pain message. These messages flow along the spinal cord and up to the brain. Before they can reach the brain, they encounter what is known as, “nerve gates.” When these gates are open, pain messages “get through” easily, and pain can be intense. When these gates are closed, pain messages are prevented from reaching the brain and pain may not be experienced at all.”  ─ Zen Sports Balm

Here’s an example:

After hitting one’s head or elbow, rubbing the area seems to provide some relief. “Why is that?” “Because this motion activates additional sensory nerve fibers, which send information about pressure and touch through the body. When arriving at the brain, they override some of the pain messages it’s been receiving.”  ─ Zen Sports Balm

The following video shows why topical analgesics such as Zen Sports Balm are effective for reducing a wide range of pain:


How All-Natural Zen Sports Balm Works To Relieve Pain


About Our Products Here At Zen

“With the highest manufacturing standards in place, all of our formulations are produced without the use of chemical solvents, extracts or preservatives. All Zen products are designed to be convenient, effective and available without a prescription. Furthermore, Zen brand products contain a unique combination of essential, botanical extracts and all-natural ingredients. Special proprietary blending is done to ensure each product is in perfect synergy, immeasurably enhancing each individual ingredient’s natural healing power.” ─ Zen Sports Balm

What’s Inside Our Products?

“Here at Zen, we have done an extensive search for the most powerful, natural healing oils the world has to offer. Zen has been formulated with a combination of  high-quality, all-natural essential oils, which have been proven safe and effective for many years.” ─ The Zen Team

Our Mission At Zen Sports Balm

“It’s our mission to produce effective, all-natural products which invigorate the human body, reduce pain & encourage a natural state of wellness.” ─ The Zen Team


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~ Take A Look At What Zen Sports Balm Offers ~

Zen Sports Pain Relief Balm

 Zen Relief Balm ─ Relieves aches and pains associated with muscles and joints. It’s ideal for individuals suffering from arthritis, backaches, strains, sprains and bruises.


Zen Sports Pain Relief BalmZen Sports Balm ─ This fast acting formula was designed for individuals looking for rapid relief from their sports related injuries. Potent, anti-inflammatory Narayani oil adds extra strength properties to this formulation.


Zen Sports Pain Relief Balm for Women

Women’s Zen Relief Balm ─  Potent in relieving aches and pains in the muscles and joints, this highly effective formula is specially designed for the needs of women. It offers amazing relief for menstrual cramps, lower back pain and headaches. Furthermore, the balm’s refreshing jasmine scent is great for anytime use!


Zen Sports Pain Relief Balm for WomenWomen’s Zen Sports Balm  ─ Specially designed for women on the go, Zen Women’s Sports Balm relieves aches and pains an active life can cause. Mothers, runners and yogis, alike, will find relief with this formula. The invigorating lavender scent is perfect for anytime use!



Take a look at our entire product line for ointments and other, convenient sizes! See now how Zen can help you to live your life, pain-free!