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Randy RossPresident
President and CEO, is the Founder of Randy Ross Stepper and was the Executive Vice president of Ross Bicycles Inc. With over 1,500 customers and 50 sales people he implemented the first production mountain bike through a series of high tech advertising and created the first mountain bike race. Mr. Ross was seen on shows like CNN Money line letting the world know about the mountain bike and what it was all about. Mr. Ross also has a long history negotiating with major suppliers and factories foreign and domestic. While at Ross he increased sales while also increasing profit margins and maintaining quality control standards.
Shaun RossVice President
Shaun Ross, only son to Randy Ross was born 4th generation into the Ross Bicycle Family legacy. Shaun Ross was around manufacturing, product placement, production and marketing since his early years as a child. Naturally, he developed a passion for cycling and the industry. He began racing and becoming heavily involved in BMX at age 8. Shaun continued his passion for the sport into his teen and high school years becoming an EXPERT racer, designer and builder. A career ending crash in the early 2000s ended his competitive racing days, yet he still rides for exercise and sport. After high school, Shaun attended IIT to follow his other passion for electronics. Following technical school, Shaun launched multiple websites and affiliate programs becoming heavily involved in online marketing and video production. From 2001-2017, he has generated millions in revenue and helped with the launch of thousands of websites and video production projects. Shaun is now the Vice President of Zen Enterprises. Shaun’s expertise include e-commerce, networking, SEO, Video Production, Pay Per Click, VSEO, Organic Optimization, Affiliate Programming, marketing and sales. Shaun is an extremely outgoing and creative guy. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling with friends, working on creative projects for ZEN and spending time with his family.
Mark TrainerManaging Member/Executive Director
With almost 40 years of entrepreneurial success, Mark Trainer has founded multiple businesses across several genres. He understands the commitment and dedication it takes in making a company head and shoulders above the competition. His keen sense of market timing and leadership in predicting “the next big thing” ahead of the masses, has made his contribution invaluable to the Zen team.
With extensive experience leading start-up companies to success, Mark’s experience and drive for excellence is a key factor in building the Zen Brand.
Dr. Jonathan CoffmanV.P Product Development
Received his PhD in Microbiology & Immunology from the Univ. of Tennessee‘s Health Science Center and is currently the Dean of the College of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin Health Sciences Institute. Dr. Coffman’s areas of research include the antimicrobial properties of natural compounds, and he also uses Ion Torrent DNA Sequencing to analyze the microbiome of wild birds, animals and humans. Dr Coffman has been Instrumental in the continued development of Zen products Including live studies on product performance.
Fred WilkensPresident W Sports Trading LTD
Has over 40 years of experience within mass distribution channels. With offices in the U.S and Hong Kong, his international network of representatives have negotiated multi-million dollar distribution agreements word-wide. Having sold millions in merchandise to just about every brand name company in the world, his understanding of the field is incomparable. Fred’s expertise in sourcing products, as well as his talent in communicating with the Buyers, Merchandise Managers, Presidents, and CEO’s of all of these major chains makes him an invaluable asset to our company.
Carly PhillipsPartner