Lead is found almost everywhere ─ in places you might not even realize ─  and, it’s extremely poisonous to human beings, especially children, and even to our pets. It’s important to know where lead resides, so that you and your family can avoid it at all costs. I keep seeing lead poisoning cases on the news and in the media, so I thought I would cover it here to help get the word out ─ Lead is deadly.


What is Lead and How Much is Too Much?


Lead is a blueish-green metal that comes out of the Earth. The problem is that if it gets into our bodies, it is extremely poisonous.

Lead can damage the kidneys and cause the brain to not function properly. It is particularly toxic to young children and babies. The damage that this toxin does is irreversible and can be deadly. In fact, no amount of lead is considered safe.

Lead can accumulate in our bodies over time. As it accumulates, it affects our body’s organs and systems. Per the Center for Diseases Control (CDC), for adults, blood lead levels equivalent to or more than ten micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood are considered high concentrations. And for children, it is half of this amount.


Where is Lead Commonly Found?


Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal found in the Earth’s crust. Mining, manufacturing, recycling and smelting all utilize this metal. Furthermore, lead is also used in many products such as paints, stained glass, lead crystal glassware, solder, ammunition, traditional medicines, toys, jewerly and ceramic glazes according to the World Health Oranization.


Lead Paint


Lead paint was banned in the United States in 1978. However, many older homes and buildings still have this version of paint. Children can easily get a hold of the paint when it chips. So, if you have an older home, be sure to keep the paint in good condition.


Drinking Water From the Faucet


Lead is also found in drinking water from the faucet. It is more common if the home or building was built before 1997. If you live in a home built before 1997, one thing you can do before you drink the water directly from the tap is to let it run until it’s cold. By running the water before use, it will help flush out any toxins in the system. You can also have an inspector come in and determine if you have the poisonous mineral in your drinking water. If you’re not sure, only drink purified water via a home purification system or purchase it.

One more thing you can do is only to drink and cook with cold water. Furthermore, make sure to use cold running water to make baby formula with, as well. Cold water has less chance to have lead in it.


Traces of lead can be found in comsmetics.

Traces of lead can be found in your cosmetics.




More than 99% of cosmetics, especially lip products, contain lead at levels below 10 ppm (parts per million), but some contain as much as 10 ppm. It gets into lipstick and other cosmetics through the colors used in the products. Although cosmetics marketed in the United States are required to be safe and to be labeled properly, not all cosmetics need to win pre-market approval from the FDA. Therefore, check with the company for quality control methods and standards they use while making the product and watch for cosmetics that were not made in the United States as they can contain higher levels of toxic substances.



Shampoos, Body Lotions and Hair Dyes


Through the chemicals that are used in these products, small traces of lead can be found.



What Happens When Lead Is Ingested or Absorbed?


When lead is ingested or absorbed through our skin, it gets stored in our bones. After it accumulates for a period of time, it can cause serious health issues. For pregnant mothers, lead can seep out of the mother’s bone tissue and be absorbed by the fetus, as well. When a fetus absorbs lead, it can lead to birth defects and other developmental issues.

Furthermore, lead poisoning can cause dysfunction to our organs, high blood pressure, is a probable carcinogen, can lower your IQ, and affect your behavior.



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Final Thoughts

Be sure to avoid lead as much as possible. If you have to drink water from your faucet, be sure to run it until it is cold and only use cold water to drink and cook with. If you live in an older home, make sure to maintain the paint and do not let it chip. For cosmetics, ensure that companies use high-quality control standards and avoid those that were manufactured out of the United States.

Furthermore, avoid Over The Counter (OTC) products and other products which contain traces of lead. Go natural instead! It’s easy to learn how to make your own shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. As for treatments, try all-natural remedies such as essential oils instead.


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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