Japan’s Okinawa Island can be a good indication of the well-being of a population. Okinawa can provide insightful information into how lifestyle and dietary habits affect longevity.

Okinawa Island:

The place that has the most people over 100-years-old ─ Okinawa Island!

According to reports from 2012, there are over 450 centenarians in Okinawa alone! It is praised as the healthiest place on Earth!

Japan's Okinawa Island has over 450 people over the age of 100-years-old!

Japan’s Okinawa Island has over 450 people over the age of 100-years-old!


Average Life Expectancy:

For Okinawans, the average life expectancy is 79 for a man and 87 for a woman.

The world’s average life expectancy is 68 years for a man and 74 years for a woman.

Living Healthy and Happy Matters!

Their longevity has been connected to their lifestyle and diet, which also empowers them to enjoy healthy and happy lives!

The usual Okinawan diet consists mainly of fish, vegetables and rice. Red meat isn’t regularly available and is not a norm in their diet. Staples include vegetables like sweet potatoes and bitter gourds, along with tofu. The sweet potatoes in Okinawa are acknowledged to be exceptionally nutritious.

An Old Okinawan Saying:

There is an old Okinawan saying that makes perfect sense: “At seventy you are still a child, at eighty a young man or woman. And, if at ninety someone from Heaven invites you over, tell him, ‘Just go away, and come back when I am one-hundred.'”


In conclusion, living well and eating a healthy diet can increase your life expectancy! The people from Okinawan Island are proof!


Robin, and the Zen Team!

Okinawa island

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