Zen Sports Balm wishes you a Happy Election Day ~ 2016! 

Furthermore, we want to see you at the polls! Make sure to exercise your right as an American Citizen, and get out there and vote!

Why Is It Important To Vote?

Remember, it is important to vote even if you don’t like the candidates. Why? You might ask! Because it is your right as an American Citizen to vote! By exercising your right to vote, you are contributing to saving our country’s Democracy. And, this very well could be the moment in history that your action is needed the most!

Furthermore, voting is your chance to make your opinion heard! If you don’t like high taxes, vote for the candidates that will lower them! If you stand for a cause, vote for the candidates that will stand up for your cause! This is the time to do it and to be heard!

Moreover, you are voting for your state representatives, as well! Not just for your president. Your voice matters and is needed on the local level just as much!… Maybe even more!

Does Your Vote Count?

Yes, your vote counts! Just think, if everyone thought that their vote didn’t matter and didn’t vote, then the people would lose their voice! Democracy would be lost! Moreover, this is your chance to be heard and to vote for what matters to you!

Why is that so important? Because every vote counts! An election could be determined by a single vote and history would be altered because a person got… or lost… that one vote!

Make sure to vote! Your country is counting on you!

Find Out Where You Vote

If you are not sure where to vote, have a question on how to vote, or require assistance to vote, Look Here!

Furthermore, you can call, 1-866-OUR-VOTE.


Election Day


Election Day


Have a safe and wonderful Election Day, 2016!

The Zen Team!