Back in the day our parents and grandparents didn’t have all of the knowledge that we have today. As for remedies and cures, they had ideas of their own, and believed in them! Check out these fun, old-time remedies that they used every day! And remember, the keyword here is fun!


Wash your face with a wet diaper then combine 3 tsp of honey with 6 oz. of apple cider. Rub this on your face several times per day.


Drink fresh blood and eat raw meat. Liver is said to be the best!


  • Dissolve 3/4 tsp powder pectin in a glass of purple grape juice. Drink this mixture once a day. This is from an Amish doctor and about 60% of the people who try it say it really works.
  • Carry around a potato in your pocket. It won’t rot, but harden as it absorbs the arthritis!
  • Tie a strip of cloth soaked in turpentine around the limb that has arthritis! (I wouldn’t recommend this one!)

Thinning hair or baldness:

  • Smear your head with fresh cow manure.  😀
  • For thinning hair create a solution of water and salt. Comb it through your hair every day. You will notice your hair becoming thicker.
  • To stop baldness or thinning,  never cut your hair in the light of the moon. Never!


Eat three almonds a day and you can’t ever get cancer!


  • Catching leaves with your hands, as they are falling from the trees in the fall, will treat a head cold.
  • Eat an onion sandwich, then wash your hair. Yum!


  • Get some cow dung and put it in water. Bring it to a boil. Gargle the water three times a day! Your cough will be gone!
  • Bake onions. Pour all the juice from the baked onions into a glass. Drink up! You will never cough again!


Eat a bunch of coconut cookies~ Believe it or not, some say that this truly works!!

Ear Ache:

Have a friend blow tobacco smoke into your ear six times while chanting, “Hurt, hurt, go away; go into a bale of hay.”


Find a bunch of rabbit droppings and boil it to make a powerful tea.  Strain out the droppings, and sip on the tea every hour till the fever diminishes! Again, yum!


Rest with a set of scissors beneath your pillow.  The following morning your headache will be nothing but a dream.


  • Keep your arms raised over your head, stick out your tongue and pant similar to a dog.
  • Get a sip of water while standing on your head. Just don’t choke or it won’t work!
  • Hold your head beneath water and count to thirty. It must be thirty! Not a second more, or a second less!
  • Place your head between your legs and stare at the sun! See how long you can do this for! 



Locate a rock that is only partially coated with dirt. Take the rock from its place and spit on the underneath of it. Place the rock back in the same exact hole- precisely as you found it.

Poison Ivy:

Prepare a paste of Fels Naptha soap and administer to the poison ivy. Don’t cover it; let it dry and shed off by itself. One time should be good, but repeat if necessary. This from the 1930’s!

Poor Eyesight:

  • Pierced earlobes improve bad eyesight!
  • The initial snow to fall in May is great for irritated eyes! Good luck with this one!


Burn the wound with a red-hot iron to stop from going mad!

Sore Eyes:

Find bedbugs and catch them. Then, crush them. Mix the crushed bedbugs with human milk and salt. Rub this mixture on and around your eyes morning and night.  🙂

Stomach Ache:

  • Cut hair from behind your right ear while standing in the moonlight. Then, toss it over your right shoulder!
  • Lie across a barrel and roll ahead until your fingertips hit the ground in front of you. Then, push back with your fingers and roll backward until your toes hit the ground behind you. Repeat this several times.
  • Add a tsp of ground ginger and sugar to boiling water. Boil for a minute and then pour into a glass. Sip on this while it is still hot. This will cure your stomach pain and is good for cramps!


Throw a chicken gizzard at the lips of the person who is stuttering. They will no longer stutter!


  • Stroke the wart with a rock. Place the rock inside a tobacco pouch and toss it over your left shoulder.
  • Stroke the wart with a slice of bacon that’s been lifted from a next-door-neighbor. Make sure it’s stolen and your neighbor!!
  • Grab a frog and smooth it over the wart.
  • Walk along the road after nightfall and in the moonlight. Run around four times, then spit on your right arm.
  • Steal a tick from a puppy and allow the tick attach to the wart. In four days that wart should be gone. Then, place the tick back upon the puppy.
  • Peel bark from a tree and rub it over the warts. Then, fasten the bark back onto the tree. Near the time it grows back onto the tree again, the warts will be gone.
  • Bind a horse hair about the wart and within a few days, the wart will drop off.
  • Whenever you go to church, perform the sign of the cross above your wart six times.

Hope you enjoyed these, fun, old-time remedies and cures!

Robin, and the ZEN Team!




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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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