Are you feeling sluggish lately? It happens to everyone sometimes! These brain foods can “wake up your mind” so that you can be alert and focused again!

1. ~Healthy Sugars~

Sugar is the fuel source for your brain. . . However, it must be a healthy source of sugar! Glucose (energy) is processed by the body from the carbs and sugars that you eat and is measured by the Glycemic Index (GI)When you eat food with a high GI, such as white bread, your body breaks down the carbs quickly which causes a sugar spike ─ then a rapid drop in energy. This means that you feel the energy ─ but then it’s gone, and you crash. You want to avoid this! Eat foods with a low GI, such as whole wheat bread, and your body takes longer to break it down, giving you a significant flow of energy over time. 

For a quick, but steady glucose boost, try eating an orange or another type of sweet fruit. Whole wheat products are fine, but too much can weigh you down, so try a bagel with a fruit topping.

2. ~Don’t Skip Breakfast~

I just covered the importance of breakfast in my last blog. It is necessary to mention breakfast again because the benefits are outstanding! Even if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, or if you are not too hungry first thing, it is still important to eat a low GI breakfast food! It gets you started off on the right track! ─ It gives you the energy you need to get moving and to keep on going. By eating a low GI breakfast food first thing, you will gain the energy and focus that you need and carry it with you until you can refuel at lunch time.

For some quick and easy, low GI breakfast recipes and tips, take a look at Never Skip Breakfast! Here Are Some Easy Breakfast Recipes!

3. ~Seeds, Nuts and Dark Chocolate~

Seeds and nuts are good energy sources as well as a source of vitamin E, an antioxidant which is important for cognitive upkeep. Dark chocolate also has significant amounts of antioxidants. Furthermore, it contains natural stimulants ─ one being a small amount of caffeine which can enhance focus.

Seeds and nuts are the perfect, anytime, go-to energy snack.

It is said that eating dark chocolate once a day is not only a good source of antioxidants but also is a mood enhancer!

4. ~Avocados~

Avocados are known to lower bad cholesterol levels and are a good source of monounsaturated fat which helps with healthy blood flow. When the brain has a healthy blood flow- it works at its optimal level!

Take a look at how you can use Avocados as a healthy fat substitute!

5. ~Blueberries!~

Blueberries are called a superfood and for good reason! Nutritious blueberries support brain activity and protect the brain from free radicals. Furthermore, blueberries are full of antioxidants and are a great source of long-term energy!

6. ~Caffeine~   

Though the health aspect of caffeine is always in question, there is no doubt that caffeine can energize and improve focus. However, be aware that caffeine will only have a short-term effect and drinking too much can make you jittery or have trouble sleeping.

Try drinking caffeinated green tea or other herbal teas which are naturally caffeinated! Herbal teas have a lot of additional health benefits!

It is suggested that while drinking your tea or coffee, eat a healthy snack such as seeds or nuts to aid in the energy duration.


In conclusion, I know what it’s like to feel sluggish! For me, it seemed to hit especially hard right in the middle of the day while working. Then, I began to snack on these brain foods while making sure that I had a low GI breakfast every morning. I have noticed a great improvement in the decline of my afternoon sluggishness and an increase in my overall focus and concentration!

Now is the time to try these energizing brain foods and stop feeling sluggish!


Robin, and The Zen Team!


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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