Testimonials from Celebrities, Athletes and Physicians

Keenan Allen

San Diego Chargers

Keenan-ALlen2My Rookie season with the San Diego Chargers was an Incredible life changing experience. I caught 8 TD passes and racked up 1,046 yards. The product I use before and after games is Zen Sports Balm. Zen deep penetrating topical balm works amazing for muscle relaxation and even better to relieve the pain after the game. No product I have ever used is as effective as Zen Sports Balm. I love this product so much I Invested in the company. I will continue to let all my fellow teammates know how wonderful this product is and spread the word. All I can say is: Zen Sports Balm! Its The BALM!!

Keenan Allen

James Caan

Movie Star


I’d like to thank Zen and their staff for their yearly contributions and participation in the Classic. They have a great product.


James Caan

David Keith Stewart

World Series Winning Pitcher with Oakland A’s


is an American former right-handed starting pitcher in Major League Baseball during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

“Zen is a unique product. I am a Sports Agent now and tell all my players to use Zen. Zen is the go to product for me!!”

Dave Stewart
Oakland Athletics

Thomas Haughton

World Famous Horse Trainer


After being Introduced to Zen Relief Balm, my staff and myself used Zen on our own aches and pains endured from training and racing Standardbred horses. The results were amazing! My entire staff immediately wanted to try this on our stable of race horses. The results were staggering ! After 50 years of training and racing the finest horses in the world we never had a product that worked as well as Zen. Our horses with problems have recovered so much faster and our healthy horses are staying sound longer. My only words to describe Zen products is: Fantastic High quality products! Thanks to Randy Ross and his product line Zen will revolutionize the Horse racing Industry.

Tommy Haughton

Billy Burnette

Famous Rock and Roll Super Star


Famous Rock & Roll Super Star!! I have been touring, writing and recording music my entire life and along with the fame and hard work comes a lot of muscle Aches and Pains. Zen Sports and Zen Relief Balm is the only product I use. After a long show and traveling from City to City and Country to Country you must have a product you can count on. Zen takes my pain away within minutes of application and really continues to work for hours. My good friend Randy Ross is now Introducing this to the world. I’m so glad people will finally have a special all natural pain product they may rely on.

Tom Klaban

Rose Bowl Champion

tomresize-180x180The college football hero, leading Ohio State to three consecutive Rose Bowl trips including the infamous four field goals in the Buckeyes’ 12-10 victory over Michigan in 1974 is an investor and endorser of Zen Enterprises.

“After many years of intense athleticism, my knees and joints ache often. Zen is the only product that provides instant, long-lasting relief. I love the Zen line of products and Zen management and would highly recommend Zen Sports Balm to any athlete with joint pain!”

Tom Klaban

Carly Phillips

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Carly Pic

“I Love extreme sports and being active! Aches & pains come along with my lifestyle. Nothing works like Zen women’s sports balm! It’s more effective than other natural products I’ve tried and I love the Lavender scent.”


Carly Phillips

O.J. McDuffie

One of the BEST Wide Receivers in Miami Dolphins History!


OJ is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League for eight seasons. He played college football for Penn State University, and earned All-American honors.

“I workout on the Randy Ross Stepper and have never had so much fun while I get fit. Now Randy Introduced me to his New product Zen Sports Balm and I can only say I wish we had this product when I was with the Dolphins! Zen works wonders!”

O.J. Mcduffie
Miami Dolphins

Faizon Love

Movie Star


He is best known for roles in the films Friday, Elf, The Replacements, Made, and Couples Retreat

“I just started working out and a friend  introduced me to Zen Balm. I was amazed after I rubbed in to my knees and got Instant relief.”

Faizon Love

Chad Larson

D.C. – Chiropractor and Acupuncture


“I have been a doctor of chiropractic medicine for the last 18 years. In my practice I have used several different topical pain relievers with varying degrees of effectiveness. This past year I was introduced to the product ZEN Relief Balm! Finally, I have found a topical pain reliever which demonstrated effective and consistent results for my patients. My office is not simply a pain based office, but clearly the reduction of pain and increased movement ZEN Relief Balm provides, supports and promotes my purpose of spinal correction. The ZEN Balm packaging creates curiosity in the office, and a simple sample makes the sale effortless for both myself and my staff. All 4 variations have demonstrated the same effectiveness. I have, and will continue to recommend ZEN BALM to all my patients and colleagues. If you’re looking for an effective topical pain reliever, look no further, ZEN Balm is the real deal!”

Chad Larson

DR Peter S. Waldstein

MD – Pediatricians


If you’re looking for an effective topical OTC option , I highly recommend Zen’s all natural line of pain relievers.


Dr. Peter Waldstein

Kenneth Leonard “Ki-Jana” Carter

Cincinnati Bengals


is a former American college and professional football player who was a running back in the National Football League for seven seasons

“Zen Sports Balm has been directly responsible for my Improved golf game. My muscle pains are gone! Thanks Randy!! Another great product!”

Ki-Jana Carter

Brian O’Neal

Philadelphia Eagles


Philadelphia Eagles and SF 49ers says: Randy Ross keeps the Hits coming! Zen Sports Balm is one unique product! During my years at Penn State and the NFL we never had a true topical analgesic that really had long lasting results. Try Zen before or after your workout and you will be hooked!!

Brian Oneal




also has penned the songs “X”, “Lady in a Glass Dress” “Add Me In” and “Fine China (song).” Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood also penned the hit on international star Rita Ora titled “Lay Down Your Weapons”‘
When famous Record producer “RoccStar” is writing hit songs for Celebrity Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown and Usher he only uses Zen Sports balm as his go to Product!

Click below to watch RoccStar’s video testimonial


Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr

Lisa Lake

San Diego News Broadcaster


As a woman that cares about her health, it was hard for me to find something all natural, that really worked for my aches and pains. Until I found Zen! Exactly what I needed to keep me going at work and on the go.


Lisa Lake

Kenny Adams

American Professional Boxing Trainer


Kenneth “Kenny” Adams is an American professional boxing trainer and a former amateur boxer. Adams is a highly respected boxing trainer, having been inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 2010. “I use ZEN for aches and pains of all kinds and so do my fighters”


Kenny Adams