Are you single? Maybe your family lives out of town? Or, perhaps, you just need some alone time! If you find yourself alone over the holidays, there is really no need to worry! There are lots of fun activities and ways to enjoy your alone time over this holiday season!

The important thing is to realize that spending quality time by your lonesome is actually healthy. Taking time to find your true self can be a moving and fulfilling life experience. It’s something that a lot of people won’t even consider doing. Alone time creates awareness, consciousness of your mind, body and your environment, and it allows you to truly discover who you are.

 You will be a stronger person for it in the long run.

Finding Yourself Alone This Holiday Season? No Worries! | Read A Great Book. . . Or, Better Yet, Write One!

Finding Yourself Alone This Holiday Season? No Worries! | Read A Great Book. . . Or, Better Yet, Write One!

5 Ways To Treat Yourself Over The Holidays    


1. Read That Book. . . 


Do you have a book laying around that you have been meaning to read? Now is the time! I know that this might sound, well, not too exciting. . . However, reading is extremely healthy for you! Reading takes you away to another place. It puts you in the mind of the characters, and you will always learn a thing or two while reading a great book! Furthermore, reading is an anxiety reducer and a great way to wind down. Did you know that Reading Is To The Mind What Exercise Is To The Body?

However, if you don’t feel that reading is exciting enough, have you ever considered writing your own book? Why not give it a try! It’s not something that needs to be finished overnight, this week, or even next month! Maybe, tell a story about your life or someone you know. Or, if you got a creative mind, all you need to do to get started is to create at least on character, think up a cool setting, and just go for it! You might be surprised at the words which flow from your mind, through your fingers, and to the page beyond the keyboard!



Alone over the holidays?



2. Take A Little Holiday Trip


A trip is one of my most favorite, alone-time activities of all. Is there a place that you have been wanting to visit? The holiday season is the perfect time to go on your little trip! Make a plan, and look for a journey surrounding an activity that you enjoy. Go antiquing, sightseeing, small book store shopping, or touring. If you need help with thinking up a fun location to visit, check with your local touring company. Most major cities have one. For some great tours, take a look at Diamond Toursor check Google for a local tour bussing company. 



Alone this Holiday Season?


3. Visit Local Museums or Art Galleries

The holidays are the perfect time to tour a museum, on your own terms. I know, that when I go to the museum with my family or friends, they always want to look at particular exhibits or move along too quickly! Touring alone is the perfect time to go at your own pace! Maybe there is a museum that you haven’t been to before but have been wanting to check out ─ go and take the tour!

Or, incorporate a visit to a museum into your little trip. Is there a museum in a nearby city that you haven’t visited yet? Again, this is the perfect time to take that holiday trip!



Alone This Holiday Season?



4.  Go To The Spa or Get a Massage

Find a way to pamper yourself. You deserve it! The holiday season is a splendid time for a relaxing day at the spa! Pamper yourself and enjoy your alone time! Get a massage, facial or pedicure! Get a new haircut! Make a treat out of it and go to one of those super fancy spas or salons!

Something as small as a manicure or a new haircut can make you feel great and renewed!



All Alone This Holiday Season?



5. Treat Your Alone-Self To Something New

Something new can be anything that you have thought about wanting. Make it good, however! You want your gift to yourself to make you feel good in an on-going, fulfilling way.

What about a new throw rug in front of your couch? A new ottoman to put your feet up on? Or, a new quilt to cuddle up with? Is new furniture or a new bedroom set in store? A new outfit or pair of shoes? The perfect bag is out there waiting for you!

If you can’t take a little vacation right now, this is the perfect gift for yourself!



Alone This Holiday Season?



No matter what you decide to do with yourself over the holiday season, be sure to enjoy it! And, remember ─ finding your true self is the real gift!


All Alone This Holiday Season?


Zen Sports Balm Wishes You A Happy Holiday Season!