Lots of us live alone these days. There’s nothing wrong with that. Alone time is essential to mental health and getting to know your true self! However, spending too much time alone can lead to feelings of detachment from the rest of the world. Don’t fret, however; there are activities that you can partake in to make you feel connected again!

If you live alone and are feeling unconnected, try these tips to feel reconnected!

If you live alone and are feeling detached from the rest of the world, try these tips to feel connected again! 

15 Activities to Feel Connected to the World Again! 

1. Read Good Fiction!

Sometimes we don’t feel like going out, but we still strive for that connection to the outside world. A good book can take you there! Becoming engaged in good fiction will create a relationship with the characters, which in turn helps you to feel a connection to the outside world.

Reading takes you to places that you could never get to any other way! Find a comfortable place, say your couch or somewhere outdoors, and get engaged with those from another time and place!

2. Watch, Or Go to a Good Movie! 

Again, say you don’t feel like going out, but yearn for that connection. Find a good movie with likable characters to whom you can relate to. By relating to characters, it creates a feeling of bonding. Even though they are not real people, to say, that feeling of bonding allows you to feel connected, which is surprisingly refreshing and lasting.

3. Join a Meet-Up Group!

Go to Meetup.com and find a group to join! Groups are located in all areas, and they can consist of anything from reading, biking, hiking, dogs, coffee shops, social hours, local sports, tech, crafts, meditation, yoga and so much more! There is definitely a group which supports your interest! To find one near you, create a profile and search the site. Then, request to join as many groups as you please. You will receive emails concerning group activities which you can decide to partake in or not!

Meet-ups are a great way to meet new, local people who share the same interests as you do!

4. Adopt a Pet!

Owning a pet will keep you busy and feeling connected!

Owning a pet will keep you busy and feeling connected!

It’s super hard to feel lonely with a pet around! ─ This is coming from a person who lives with two dogs, a cat, hamster, turtle and fish! Pets keep you busy and are easy to talk to! And, yes, they respond to your interactions! They love you no matter what, and are always happy to see you!

Pets are also known to boost your health! Check out this post, 5 Reasons Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health!  Furthermore, if you feel isolated due to issues such as chronic pain, take a look at the post, 5 Reasons Why Pets Help To Relieve Chronic Pain! 

In addition to all of the great reasons to own a pet, if you have a dog, you can take him or her to dog parks or to dog activities which also helps to keep you and your pup socialized!

5. Volunteer!

There are plenty of organizations who need volunteers and whom would welcome and appreciate your help! Think hospitals, animal shelters, local parks, retirement homes, community soup kitchens, libraries and so much more!

Volunteering gets you connected and will leave you feeling fulfilled.

6. Take a Random Train, Bus or Plane Ride to a Random Place!

Now this is for the adventurist, who is feeling too cooped up lately! Plus, you will have to have the time and money to do such a thing! However, if you have ever dreamed of jumping on the train and taking a ride to enjoy the scenery, this idea might just be for you! Get a round trip ticket and go explore a new town or city. Stay overnight or make a day trip out of it!

For a planned adventure take a look at a motorcoach tour company such as Diamond Tours! It’s a great way to plan a solo trip and to meet fellow tourists!

7. Go to a Park!

Start to explore your local parks or take a day trip to a State Park! Parks offer tons of activities and get you out into nature. If you live near a park with a lake, see if there is are areas for swimming, fishing or boating! Plus, you can hike, enjoy the scenery, walk the perimeter or roads and ride a bike. If you have a dog, many parks have dog areas, as well!

Spending time in nature will not only relieve feelings of loneliness, but it is also beneficial to your health in many ways! Check out the post, A Connection With Nature ~ How To Heal Your Mind!

8. Stop At Your Local Coffee Shops!


Head to your local coffee shop to get connected again!

Many local coffee or tea shops offer free wifi, so grab your laptop and go get some coffee. For those of you who are not familiar with this concept, coffee and tea shops are trending right now! It’s a lively social atmosphere where anything can happen! Some local shops even offer entertainment! Check your local listings to find one near you!

9. Get a Camera!

Get a good camera and go out and start taking pictures of the world around you! This is an excellent way to feel connected again! Then, either develop the photos yourself or get them professionally developed, and start to get creative with them! You can start a blog online describing your photos, start a photo book or share them in a multitude of other ways. Bring out your inner creativity!

10. Attend a Local Class!

Your community, or one close to you, more than likely offers a variety of classes to participate in. Try something new such as yoga, ceramics, pottery, crafting or sewing! Local craft stores will offer a variety of classes, yoga is offered in lots of places these days, and there is usually a ceramic or pottery shop nearby which offers classes! Check with your local library or YMCA, as well.

11. Plan a Vacation! 

If you have time, do it! Nothing beats loneliness than going on a vacation. A vacation will get you out, involved and feeling better in no time!

12. Find a New Hobby!


Begin a hobby, such as crafting, that you can share with others or sell online!

Find something that you like to do, and begin doing it! If you like to craft, start a small, online business to get you connected again! If online selling isn’t your thing, a great way to get connected again is to rent a space at your local flea market or at town festivals! People are turning back to all-natural and homemade products these days, and there are plenty to choose from!

13. Go and Do Things That You Alway Wanted To Do! 

Stop putting things off! Go and do the things that you have always wanted to do! Why not? You only have one life to live! 

14. Plan a Day Trips!

Start planning more day trips instead of sitting around your house on your days off! There are probably lots of small towns or attractions nearby, so go check them out! If you like exploring, find local areas to discover. Check out new shops, restaurants and attractions! Look online for interesting places to visit!

15. Start Collecting Antiques! 

Antiquing is huge today, and it’s easy to get into! The best way to find antiques is to start visiting flea markets, local antique shops and looking online. If you find that you enjoy it a lot, once you get a collection going, you can become a dealer yourself! It’s easy to set up a table at a local flea market or event!

In conclusion, don’t be lonely for no reason! As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get re-connected with the world again!


Robin, and the Zen Team!

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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment. 

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