Christmas Eve is one of the most magical days of the year. Particularly for children, and also for adults, as we get to partake in the magic, as well. For kids, it’s the anticipation of Santa’s visit. For us adults, it’s waiting for the kids to head to bed, fall asleep, and then it’s a night of magical gift wrapping. I don’t know if it’s just me, but even the gift wrapping part is magical. . . knowing that the next morning is going to be full of surprises and fun. There is even more to Christmas Eve, however! The Christmas Eve traditions!

Make Christmas Eve even more special with sharing these Christmas Eve traditions with your family! I’ve discovered some new traditions that are shared all around the world! Take a look. . .




Christmas Eve Traditions


9 Magical Christmas Eve Traditions To Share With Your Family!





Christmas Eve Tradition


1. The Christmas Eve Pickle


The Christmas Eve Pickle is German in origin, and it’s a Christmas Eve tradition that will tickle the entire family. Find or create a pickle-shaped ornament, and on Christmas Eve, after the kids go to bed, hide it deep within the tree. The next morning, the first child to find it gets an extra present for an award.

Of course, you might only have one kid, so that works good still. However, if you have no kids, you can still hide the pickle for another family member to find!





2. Peppermint Pig


The Victorians started this tradition. They believed that pigs were good luck. After a special holiday meal, bring out the pig, crack it with a hammer, and share the pieces to assure happiness, prosperity and health. You can create your own peppermint pig out of candy canes, peppermint candy, or even bake one of your own using peppermint flavoring. If you want the real deal, you can order one beforehand here.



Christmas Eve Traditons



3. Pajama Elves


Christmas time is the absolute perfect season for new, cozy pajamas! It’s even more of a perfect time for a pair of new pajamas when the elves deliver them on Christmas Eve! Basically, you will want a pair of enchanting pajamas to magically show up on Christmas Eve for everyone in your family. Then, you all put them on to cuddle up and share in the magic!

Check out this book, The Pajama Elves written by Hayden Edwards!  It tells the story of elves delivering magical pajamas, and you can use these charming ideas, as well!



Christmas Eve Traditions



4. Christmas Eve Caroling


Gather a group of family and friends and go caroling through your neighborhood. For a more centralized location, go caroling at a local nursing home or a hospital. You and your group will spread seasonal delight and tire out the children who are high on dreams and sugar cookies!



Spread the Cheer With a Christmas Eve Tradition of Christmas Caroling!

Spread the Cheer With a Christmas Eve Tradition of Christmas Caroling!



5. Takeout


With all the bustle and hustle preparing for the big day, ordering pizza or takeout from a beloved restaurant is a fabulous way to take a small break and just enjoy some great food. While enjoying your takeout, tune into your favorite Christmas movie, and cuddle up with the family for a wonderful Christmas Eve Tradition!



Christmas Eve Traditions



6. Open One Present Each


Lots of families already do this as a Christmas Eve Tradition. It adds to the excitement and allows the children to open up a special gift the night before Christmas! Also, children are often excited to give out their gifts, as well! So, this is the perfect opportunity before the hectic Christmas morning for everyone to harmoniously share some holiday family time.



Christmas Eve Traditions



7. Santa’s Magical Christmas Key


What if you don’t have a chimney? How do you explain to your children how Santa gets into your home to leave the presents each Christmas Eve? Well, this Christmas Eve tradition solves that problem! Hang a Santa Magic Christmas Key outside your door for Santa to use each year! It’s easy to create your own magical key and after you use it each year, keep it in a special place so that you have it to use next Christmas Eve all over again!

If you want to order an exclusive Magic Santa Christmas Key, you can by clicking on the link!


Christmas Eve Traditions

8. Reindeer Food


Of course, you always leave cookies for Santa, but what about his raindeers? You can easily make homemade reindeer food by sprinkling this blend of birdseed, mixed oats and sparkly sugar crystals outdoors on the lawn. This mix will dazzle the children and make the birds smile in the morning time, as well.

Making sparkly reindeer food can be one of your fun Christmas Eve Traditions!

Christmas Eve Traditions

9. Track Santa


The NORAD Santa Tracker lets kids and adults all over the world track Santa via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other means. Volunteers answer emails and calls from around the world to keep everyone notified just where in the world Santa is on the big night. Out of all the Christmas Eve Traditions, this one lasts the entire evening!


Christmas Eve Traditions



We here at Zen hope that you and your family enjoy your wonderful Christmas Eve Traditions! Try adding some new Christmas Eve Traditions to this magical evening too!


Happy Holidays!

Robin and the Zen Team!

Merry Christmas!