Bird watching is known to be an anxiety reliever and is an enjoyable pastime. With so many unique bird species, they are beautiful, fun to identify, and sing lovely, relaxing songs. The easiest and most relaxing way to bird watch is right from the comfort of your own yard. However, winter is in full swing and during this cold and bare time of year, some animals have trouble finding food. A great way to help is to put nutritional bird foods out so that birds can find the nourishment that they need to thrive during the cold months. Also, this will attract many bird species to your yard for your bird watching enjoyment! It’s important to put the right kinds of bird foods out, so check this list to get started!


Winter bird food


~ 8 Best Wintertime Bird Foods To Attract Birds To Your Yard ~


1.   Peanuts


Peanuts are a high-protein meal which will attract many kinds of birds during the wintertime season. Put out peanuts that have already been shelled and dry-roasted. Be sure to get a variety with no added salt.



Bird Foods - Peanuts


2.   Seed Mix


The problem with seed mixes is that a lot of them have too much filler that most birds won’t even eat. Therefore, it is really important to find a mix that is simple and nutritious. A nutritious seed mix should have a variety of items like cracked corn, white proso millet and sunflower seeds. Proper nutrition is essential to bird health, and a deficiency in vitamin D can result in immune suppression for birds, which leaves them defenseless to a variety of illnesses.




Bird Foods - Seed Mix



3.   Suet


Suet is a natural source of fat and is an excellent source of energy for birds in the winter. If you don’t have a suet feeder, there is no need to worry about it as an easy solution is to put the suet in a mesh onion bag and hang it up outside for the birds to enjoy. If you have other inquisitive critters around that may be drawn to the food, hang the bag up high to discourage other animals that could pose a threat to your bird visitors.



Bird Foods - Suet



4.   Fruit


The cold weather makes it hard for birds to find fresh fruit. Set out fresh fruit slices of apples, bananas, grapes and citrus. Birds enjoy mangos and apricots, as well. If you want to add in some tasty greens, wrap the fruit slices in kale or add some fresh broccoli to the dish!



Bird Foods - Apples



5.   Black Oil Sunflower Seeds


Birds love sunflower seeds and the top bird foods with seed contain the black oil variety. Black oil sunflower seeds have a softer shell so that most birds can easily break through it. Plus, the seed inside is larger than other types of sunflower seeds.



Bird Foods - Sunflower Seeds



6.   Safflower Seeds


If you want to attract cardinals to your yard, add safflower seeds to the bird foods that you offer. Safflower seeds can be hard for some birds to open, but Cardinals absolutely love them. Sparrows, Doves and Chickadees are also known to chow down on safflower seeds, as well.



Bird foods for Cardinals



7.   Mealworms


Birds love worms and mealworms are hearty, easy to come by worms suitable for wintertime bird feeding. You can buy mealworms at any bait store, or you can order them online. Place the mealworms in a glass bowl so that they can’t climb out and the birds can easily reach them.



bird foods - worms



8.   Homemade Bird Foods


Make snack cubes for the birds by melting suet and mixing in small treats such as bits of raisins, apple bits, seeds or peanuts. Pour the blend into ice cube trays, allow them to solidify into cube-sized pieces, and put them out for the birds in your yard to enjoy.



Wintertime Bird Foods in a Bird feeder





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In conclusion, bird watching can be a great pastime and a natural way to release some tension and anxiety. To attract birds to your yard, start by trying some of these wintertime, nutritional bird foods! Then, sit back and enjoy watching the birds and listening to their pretty calls and songs!




Robin and the Zen team.




Best Bird Foods For Bird Watching

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