Everyone suffers from back pain from time to time ─ some people more often than others. The problem is that many people are misinformed when it comes to their back pain. They believe that the pain is due to structural damage. However, in reality, this is not the case! Back pain stems from tension, not a failing body. Understanding your back pain is key to healing it.

If you have been informed by your physician that you have dislocated discs, and you need surgery, steroid injections, rest and physical therapy in order to heal, then you have more than likely been misinformed. The key to healing your pain is knowledge ─ and realizing that structural change in the human body is normal as you age.

understanding your back pain

The key to back pain relief is to understand that tension causes pain, not structural change.

~ Here Are 7 Steps To Understanding Your Back Pain ~

1. Do get a physical exam:

Make sure there is nothing else wrong with you which could be causing the pain such as pathological processes.

2. Take your exam results with a grain of salt:

If you are told that you have herniated discs, a crooked spine, spine narrowing or any other spinal change, be happy. These issues do not cause back pain. They are simply anatomical changes that most people go through as they age.

Pain comes from oxygen loss. Whether pain originates from the spinal area, limbs or feet, it is usually a cause of tension or TMS ─ Tension Myoneural Syndrome.

3. Avoid trying every remedy in the book in hopes that one will work:

When the doctors don’t know what to suggest regarding a remedy for your pain, they will often recommend one treatment after another. These treatments could include surgery, spinal manipulation, injections, core strengthening, acupuncture and hanging upside down from some crazy machine.

These are usually placebo effects if they work at all. Sometimes, if someone believes something will cure them, then it just might. Usually, however, these remedies are only temporary, and the pain eventually comes back.

4. Beware of the myths of back pain:

~ One myth is that a pinched nerve will cause pain. This is not the case since pinched nerves become paralyzed. Paralyzed nerves are dead nerves that cannot transmit pain signals.

~ Another myth is considered “throwing your back out.” You can not do this as spinal discs are firmly attached to both sides of the spine! Spinal discs cannot slip in and out of place.

~ A third myth is that yes, the body’s structure can become injured, but it does not result in continued, chronic pain. The human body is designed to heal itself quickly. So, lingering pain has to be a result of an emotional and/or a conditioned response which drives it.

5. It’s important to understand the true reason for your pain:

Almost all pain is a diversion by the brain to make you pay attention to your body. Sometimes it is due to emotional stress or tension. Your brain is trying to do you a favor by diverting your attention to physical pain and relieving your mind from emotional pain. Strong emotions such as anger, frustration, sorrow and fear will eventually hit a threshold, and your brain will limit oxygen to certain areas of the body in order to create physical pain and to create a diversion. 

The pain is never imagined or fake; it is real and can be extremely painful.

6. Take a good look at your life: 

What are the underlying issues to your pain? Are you a worrier? Does your job stress you out? Is your marriage or another relationship in trouble? Have you recently lost someone or something? Did you recently retire or experience another significant life change? Do you have trouble expressing your emotions? Are you angry or frustrated about something? Do you feel lonely? Are you unhappy? Do you feel you are getting old and have not accomplished a life goal yet?

Take a good, hard look at your life and try to figure out what is really wrong. Then, find a way to heal that part of your life. When you heal the underlying causes, your pain will recede.

7. Try to figure out why you “need to believe” that you have “a bad back” which is causing your chronic pain:

Maybe you don’t want to face your emotional problems, so it is easier to blame the pain on structural problems. Do your research if you really think that pain is due to you “having a bad back.”

Nobody is trying to tell you that your pain is “all in your head.” That is another misconception. Pain is real. However, understanding the true nature of pain is the only way to truly relieve it.

To help you understand further, take a look at this video filmed by ABC on Dr. John Sarno MD, the coiner of the term TMS ─ Tension Myoneural Syndrome. Dr. Sarno has been extremely successful in treating pain by dealing with underlying, emotional issues.

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In conclusion, understanding the underlying causes of your back pain is the only way to truly heal it for good! Plus, you will not only heal your pain but more than likely heal your emotional distresses, as well. We wish you the best of luck in understanding your back pain. 


Robin, and the Zen Team.

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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment. 

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