This might be shocking to hear. You might think you are eating healthy, and that the foods you are eating are full of energy packed nutrients. However, you might be misinformed, and the exact opposite is happening: The foods you are eating are making you sleepy instead!

It’s a simple misconception, really, as these foods can be deemed as healthy. However, there’s more at play.

Let’s take a look at 7 foods which could be causing you to want a mid-afternoon nap!

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7 Foods You Are Eating That Could Be Making You Sleepy  




Foods that make you sleepy



1. Your So-Called Salad

Yes, some salads are nutritious and filled with energy-producing nutrients. However, if you are eating a salad with iceberg lettuce, croutons, and a fatty dressing then forget about obtaining the energy levels needed to get you through the day.

In fact, even if you eat a bowl of a romaine lettuce, if you are adding a sugary or high-fat dressing, then it will likely lead to an energy crash later in the day.

Another problem with salads is that they might not have enough calories to get you through the day. A solution is to add a low-fat protein to your salad, beans, or even healthy carbs such as a wheat roll or whole wheat croutons.

Also, make sure to add a non-sugary dressing such as olive oil and vinegar.



Foods that make you sleepy



2. Dairy Products Can Make You Sleepy

The thing with dairy is that the older you get, the harder it can be to digest. For dairy lovers, this is very sad.

Intolerance to the digestion of dairy is due to the proteins casein and whey. In fact, it is thought that as we age, our bodies build up an immunological reaction to these proteins. The reaction results in a mobilization of antibodies against the proteins when they are discovered in the body. Unfortunately, this unnecessary fight causes fatigue.

The only solution to this issue is to eliminate dairy from your diet, especially during the day.  And, remember, this includes all dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese.

Instead, try almond milk or something similar if you are used to drinking milk.



Food that make you sleepy



3. Bananas

Bananas are full of nutrients and are extremely healthy. However, if you are looking for a mid-day energy boost, then skip the bananas. 

Surprising, right? The reasoning behind this is that bananas are high in magnesium. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer.

Now, magnesium might not affect everyone in the same way. It will affect people who are low in magnesium more than those who are not. Furthermore, take into consideration that doctors prescribe magnesium to people sometimes to help them sleep.

One way to tell is to eat a banana and see how it affects you. If you feel tired afterward, you will know that eating a banana makes you feel sleepy. And, possibly, you are low in magnesium, as well. Consult with your doctor to find out for sure.



Food that can make you feel sleepy



4. Cherries

Cherries are another food which you might not realize can cause you to feel sleepy. The reason why? Cherries have a high content of melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone which controls your natural sleep and wake cycles. When you eat cherries, you are taking an extra dose of the hormone which can tell your body that it is time to sleep.

If you love cherries, then the solution is to save them for an after dinner snack.



Foods that can cause you to feel sleepy.



5. Dark Chocolate

Sorry chocolate lovers! And, I’m sure that you’ve heard differently because dark chocolate does contain a small amount of caffeine.

However, it also contains serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which can help you to relax.

So, if you can’t live without your daily chocolate fix, eat milk chocolate instead, which doesn’t contain serotonin.



Foods that can make you sleepy



6. Bread Can Make You Sleepy

Carbs can cause your glucose levels to jump and give you a quick energy boost. However, the boost doesn’t last, and you will more than likely experience a crash.

Processed carbs, such as white bread and pasta, are the worst culprit.

Therefore, the solution is to eat whole grain carbs, which have a slower metabolism rate. You won’t feel the energy spike, nor the crash─and you won’t get sleepy.



Foods that can make you sleepy



7. Turkey Sandwiches

Everyone─or, almost everyone─knows that turkey makes you tired. However, that doesn’t stop us from eating a good turkey sandwich or hoagie at lunch time.

Turkey contains tryptophan, which is actually good for you. It can help to better your mood and even fight depression and anxiety. However, it also makes you sleepy.

If you love turkey sandwiches, save them for dinnertime instead and have a hot turkey sandwich.



Foods that can make you sleepy

Final Thoughts

I know that some of this is hard to swallow!

However, you can still enjoy these healthy foods. Just be sure not to eat them early in the day so that you don’t get too sleepy!


Robin and the Zen team.

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Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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