Whether it’s the day after a big workout, waking on the wrong side of the bed kind of ache, or chronic aches due to arthritis and such, researchers say that some foods and herbs can help to relieve pain. Believe it or not, healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains and home-grown herbs might not only be great nutritional choices, but they may help reduce inflammation, as well. With anti-inflammatory properties, these foods and herbs are a great choice for those suffering from aches and pains! 

Inflammation is a common reaction that our body produces when tissue is inflamed. It is not necessarily a bad thing as it is a measure that our body takes to protect the tissue and muscle. However, inflammation can be quite painful. With anti-inflammatory properties, these foods and herbs are a great choices for those suffering from aches and pains! 

7 Foods And Herbs That Can Naturally Help To Relieve Pain!

1. Coffee

Research suggests that coffee is a natural, anti-inflammatory agent and can help relieve pain for those suffering from mild inflammation.

Pain reliever

Coffee is naturally anti-inflammatory, so now you have the excuse to drink that extra cup!

Now, you have a reason to drink that second cup! Furthermore, research suggests that when it is taken with a low dose pain reliever, such as ibuprofen, it increases the result.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a wonder root and superfood! Not only is ginger naturally anti-inflammatory, but it also fights off nausea and motion sickness. Plus, it’s great for menstrual pain!

Ginger is a natural pain reliever! Use it to spice up your foods or add to tea, coffee or a smoothie!

Ginger is a natural pain reliever! Use it to spice up your foods or add it to tea, coffee or a smoothie!

Furthermore, ginger can be ingested in a variety of ways: supplements, tea, coffee, cookies, smoothies and stir fry! Give it a try!

3. Salmon

Salmon is known as a healthy protein. However, it’s chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which is shown to relieve arthritic pain ─ especially in the back and neck areas.

Salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids which is a known to relieve pain.

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to relieve pain.

A recent study found that the relief received from consuming omega-3 fatty acids in the form of a fish oil supplement is equivalent to the relief obtained from using ibuprofen!

Chow on some omega-3 fatty acids with baked salmon with avocado yogurt sauce for dinner tonight! 

4. Tart Cherries

It turns out that cherries are good for more than making cherry pies! Studies have found they can help treat gout which is a painful form of arthritis that causes swollen, red-hot joints caused by the buildup of uric acid in the blood.

relieve pain

Tart Cherries are a natural inflammation agent and perfect for relieving pain!

Not only can tart cherries help to prevent gout, but they are also great for reducing inflammation due to sports aches and arthritis, as well.

5.  Echinacea and Sage

Suffering from an aching throat? Research says that throat gargles and sprays containing echinacea or sage help to reduce pain from a terrible sore throat!

relievs pain

Wild Echinacea

Furthermore, a study found that echinacea can decrease a cold infection when caught early and can reduce its duration! Echinacea can be easily grown in flower beds and comes back each summer!

relievs pain

Wild Sage

Sage is easy to find at most grocery stores or can be easily grown at home! It is especially tasty in any of these recipes

6. Oranges

Oranges are high in Vitamin C, and we all know the importance of getting enough of Vitamin C! In fact, archeologists say a Vitamin C deficiency might have wiped out an entire village

Moreover, oranges contain an antioxidant called beta-cryptoxanthin, which can also be found in other orange fruits and veggies such as cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. Beta-cryptoxanthin is known to help reduce the risk of anti-inflammatory ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis. 

relive pain

Oranges contain tons of Vitamin C, plus beta-cryptoxanthin which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent! 

This is a great reason to get out your juicer and to squeeze some fresh OJ in the morning!

7. Evening Primrose

Usually obtained as an oil, this flower’s powers are linked to treating atopic dermatitis, PMS symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis!


Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

Furthermore, the gamma-inolenic acid found within the oil has an anti-coagulant impact that helps to decrease the effects of cardiovascular disease.

You can find evening primrose oil from a reputable essential oil seller.


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In conclusion, we are always trying to find the best, all-natural ways to treat common aches and pains. We hope that these 7 foods and herbs can be beneficial to you and help to relieve pain associated with everyday aches and pains.

Furthermore, try an all-natural balm to help relieve pain due to arthritis, chronic back and neck issues, sports aches and pains, plus aches and pains due to living an active lifestyle. Zen Sports Balm provides all-natural, pain relieving balms for every way of life! We only use the finest, all natural ingredients such as essential oils! The benefits of our balms are more than just pain relieving ─ the essential oils offer an aromatherapy experience, as well!

See how Zen can help you to live your busy lifestyle, pain-free, today!


Robin and the Zen Team!

Keep doing what you love to do! Live pain-free with Zen!

Keep doing what you love to do! Live pain-free with Zen!


*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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