I’m sure you have heard about the many wonderful benefits of meditation. It’s not only a state of profound peace, but it’s the ability to transition to a higher state of awareness that enables you to fulfill your true potential. Furthermore, meditation is a powerful stress reliever and can even help those with chronic pain. However, how do you go about meditation? Where do you begin? This is where Meditation Apps can help.

There are various types of meditation, and it’s beneficial to discover which type is best for your personality. That way, you can achieve better results for your personal circumstances and reach your goals more efficiently. Because of their ease of use, convenience, and variations of meditation techniques, Meditation Apps have become extremely popular with beginners, and experienced meditators, alike.

To get you started on your meditation journey, I have done some research to discover the 7 best Meditation Apps that are available today.



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7 Best Meditation Apps of 2017



Best Apps for Meditation


1. Headspace

Headspace is perfect for beginners. It starts you off at level one where you can learn basic techniques while keeping it on the fun side with animated videos. To start, it will take you through 10-minute sessions, and once you pass level three, you can choose a specific type of meditation to meet your needs. It’s free to start, then to upgrade there is a monthly fee of $12.95 to use Headspace. However, a portion of proceeds goes to charity, and it’s available at Google Play or iTunes.


2. Stop, Breathe, & Think

The App Stop, Breathe, & Think is perfect for when you are having a rough day, or you’re feeling over-stressed. Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or even annoyed at a particular situation?─Then, this Meditation App is for you.

What’s cool about this Meditation App is that it begins by asking you how your feel. Then, it suggests various meditations to help with your current state of mind. Furthermore, it allows you to keep notes and track of your progress. It’s available on iTunes for free to start, and the premium version is just $4.99 per month.


3. Buddhify

Buddhify is ideal for those who want to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their entire day. There are meditations to target many aspects of everyday life, such as sleep, travel, work, and even being online. This Meditation App is definitely one to take a look at for its variety of meditations and techniques.

Buddhify is available on Google Play for a $2.99 purchase or at iTunes for $4.99.




Best Meditation Apps



4. Calm

This App’s name speaks for itself. If you need “calm” in your life, then be sure to check this Meditation App out. What’s great is that Calm has an entire website dedicated to mindfulness, soothing soundscapes, and peace. It starts out with a 7-day program and has guided meditations, unguided meditations, and relaxation techniques. If you desire a longer program, then subscribe and try the 21-day program!

Use the website, or it’s free to install the App from Google Play and iTunes with the option to subscribe for more features.


5. Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is great for no-nonsense, advanced meditation. However, it has features for beginners, as well, with its five-day intro. This app has features which allow you to set the length of the meditation, choose from guided or non-guided meditations, and encourages you to keep a log of your progress.

Get it at iTunes or Google Play beginning at $1.99 per month.


6. Meditation Studio

This Meditation App features over 200 guided meditations with 27 experts to lead you through them. There is a meditation for all aspects of your life, and you get unlimited access for $3.99 per month from iTunes or Google Play.

Meditation Studio also features a Podcast where you can ask questions and join in on the discussion.


7. Pacifica

Pacifica is more than a Meditation App. It allows you to deal with stress, anxiety, your mood, and your health through therapy and journaling. You can choose a goal to work towards and keep track of your daily progress. It also offers relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, and visualization.

It’s free to download at iTunes with a $5.99 per month subscription fee, or check out Pacifica’s website for more options and features.



Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner at meditation, or are advanced, these Meditation Apps offer techniques for everyone. Since most of them are free to download and try, you can easily find the right App for you.

Do you have a favorite Meditation App? If so, let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you!

And, if you found this information useful, share the article with your friends so that they too can discover the best Meditation Apps of 2017!


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Best Meditation Apps

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