There is no way to stop daily stressors from occurring. Tension can come from many sides of life these days. However, there is no reason to hold on to the daily stress and allow it to build up! By adding these 5 simple benefits to your everyday routine, you can help to reduce your overall stress level and avoid that, ” I feel so bogged down” feeling.

To really get the most out of these benefits, make sure to keep following through with them on a daily basis!

5 Ways To Prevent Stress From Building Up!

1. Balance Your Activities ~ 

It’s all about balance! If your schedule is so hectic that there is no time for relaxation, or “you time,” then you don’t have any stress relieving activities to help you get through it all. Your schedule should be balanced to include fun activities as well as your work and school activities.

Remember, however, that this can go the other way, as well. If you have too many fun activities planned, and not enough time to get your work or homework done, then this will cause stress too! Make sure to balance your schedule with fun activities and work commitments.

2. Learn How To Manage Your Responsibilities ~

Use a planning app or calendar to keep track of chores, practices, assignments, and any other obligations. Managing stress also means overcoming procrastination! Make small, daily, to-do lists to help keep you motivated! Don’t get behind on work and assignments either! Getting behind just causes more stress and anxiety.

If you need to, take a little bit of time at the end of every day to see what could be improved upon. Is there a better way to manage your time?

3. Eat Healthier ~

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Eat healthy foods to help control your energy levels and to help support your mood!

What you eat affects your energy, mood and levels of stress. It’s okay to eat sweets sometimes, but your diet should also be balanced. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and occasionally, have your ice cream as a dessert. Make sure your day is fueled with the good-for-you-foods, not sweets, so that you don’t crash and burn! You will feel better and less stressed as a result.

4. Get Enough Sleep ~

Make sure to get your sleep! I know, everyone likes their sleep, but I also know how easy it can be to get into a bad habit of going to bed too late. If you have to get up early, make sure to go to bed early enough to get your 8 hours in! Your body needs that time of rest to heal. Furthermore, sleep is a natural stress reliever.

5. Make time to exercise every single day ~

You should form a regular exercise routine of at least 4 days a week. However, the other 3 days should not be entirely exercise-free! Try a quick Yoga course on your off days! There are some great free, online classes that you can try right from your own living room! For some ideas, take a look at these two posts, The Very Best & Free Online – Full-Length – Yoga Workouts! – Part One! and The Very Best & Free Online – Full-Length – Yoga Workouts! – Part Two! 

Exercise is a natural stress reliever, so be sure to get it in daily!

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In conclusion, learning how to prevent stress from building up is imperative to your overall health and stress levels! Nobody can be totally stress-free, but managing it is definitely possible! We hope that these 5 benefits help you to manage your life more efficiently!


Robin and the Zen Team!


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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