Have you been wondering what to get the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman in your life for Christmas this year? Another warm flannel or insulated jacket perhaps? The same-old ─ same-old, for someone who’s true passion is the outdoors, and any other gift would be, well. . . just “another gift.” Why not give the gift of nature, instead? How about botanically-inspired gifts which will be genuinely appreciated and enjoyed?

Even better, these botanically-inspired gifts are great for anyone on your Christmas list. . . not just the outdoorist. They are truly unique ─ and inspirational and educational, as well. These gifts will inspire and encourage a botanical journey and can offer a bit of relaxation during a busy time of year.


~ 5 Unique, Botanically-Inspired Gifts For Anyone on Your Christmas List ~




1. Loose Herbal Tea Blends (Kits). . . Herbal Teas They Can Prepare Themselves ~ 

What You Will Need:

  • A Supply of Fresh Herbs –
  • Cloth tea bags,  a grinder, and teapot, or;
  • An herbal tea infuser pot ( no tea bag required)
  • Mug!


Now, where to find these items. . . First, the fresh herbs. . .

You can go to your local health store and see what kind of loose herbs they sell for teas. Or, go to an online herb store that sells herbs or herbs just for teas such as Teaylra. Teaylra also sells foldable tea bags, or tea makers and Infusers so that you don’t even have to worry about bagging or even grinding your tea herbs. If you’re looking for herbs in bulk, try Bulk Apothecary.

Herbal Teapot Put a little package together for the tea drinker in your life!  




2. Plant Foraging Bag

Plant Foraging Bag for botanically-inspired gifts for Christmas


These foraging bags are for those who want to learn about the plant life in their area. Combine it with a local herbing book, and you can soon learn how to forage for fresh plants in your area. You can find foraging bags like this at The Herbal Acadamy.


3. Herbal Book

There are so many incredible herbal books for the budding herbalist or botanist, and speaking from experience, a book is always a welcomed gift! Take a look at this 101 Top Herbal Book List. There are books for every skill level and different topics of interest.


Herbal handbook for botanically-inspired gifts for Christmas


4. Outdoor Magazine Subscription 

Some people like magazines and some don’t. I find that if it’s a topic of real interest, magazine subscriptions can make great gifts ─ especially for people who might not consider buying a magazine subscription for themselves. There are several great herbalist magazines such as  Mother Earth Living, Mother Earth NewsWillow & Sage, and Taproot.


Outdoor magazine for botanically-inspired gifts for Christmas


There are even great magazines for hunters, fisherman, campers and hikers!


5. Online Herbalism Course

There are online courses which teach herbalism to beginners and even for those who have some experience. These classes can offer someone who has a passion for plants and herbs to take their skill to the next level. Again, these classes might be not be something that a friend or family member would think to purchase for themselves, so they can make great gifts for your outdoorist! Take a look at these online herbalist classes: Introductory Herbal Course, Intermediate Herbal Course, and Advanced Herbal Course. There is even an online herbal directory for those who might be interested in becoming a member: The Herbarium. Any of these courses or a membership to the directory can make great Christmas presents!



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We hope that these 5 unique, botanically-inspired gifts for Christmas can give you some ideas for what to get your outdoorist this holiday season!



Robin and the Zen team.





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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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