Fall is officially here! Nature creates a feast for the senses and the season should be enjoyed before it is too late! Besides for doing all the norms, such as heading to the local pumpkin patch and drinking hot, apple cider, why not try out some new family-friendly, Fall activities? These Fall activities are not only for the children but will keep the rest of the family busy and entertained, as well! Take a look at the family-fun activities we have come up with for this Fall season! 


Fall activities

Try some new family-friendly, Fall activities this year!

5 Fall Activities To Enjoy With Your Family!

 1. Go Treasure Hunting With Geocaching!

Check out Geocaching.com and go on a family-fun, treasure hunt! Geocaching is a real-world hunt for treasures called geocaches! After going online and creating a free account, you can see the geocaches near you on the map. Then, you use a GPS, such as the one embedded in your phone, and go and find it! To keep the search family-friendly, search the map for geocaches hidden in a local park as opposed to ones hidden on city streets. You will be surprised at how fun Geocaching is, and it’s a sure winner as a family-friendly, Fall activity! 

2. Do Fall Crafting! 

Set aside a day for family, Fall crafting. You can get lots of craft ideas from Pinterest/Fall Crafting! Follow this link to see tons of crafting ideas! Let the entire family decide on the daily craft! Then, set aside some time to go to your local craft store to get what you might need. If it’s a nice, Fall day, set up an outdoor area for your crafting, such as a picnic table. Serve hot, apple cider and Fall associated snacks, such as caramel or candy apples and candy corn!

Fall activities

Find fun, Fall, craft ideas and enjoy a crafting day with the entire family!

 3. Have A Family, Bob-For-Apples Party!

I know that we have all seen apple bobbing at Fall festivals and on TV, but have you actually ever tried it at home? Plan an afternoon, Fall party with your entire family and make apple bobbing the main attraction. It is as easy as finding a large basin, filling it with water, and adding about a dozen or so of nice, big apples! One fun idea that you can incorporate into the bobbing is to add Fall-themed prizes to the activity. Number each of the apples and the bobber will win the prize associated with the number on the apple that they snag! Bobbing for apples just might end up being a new, Fall, family tradition! 

4. Press Some Leaves With The Kids!

Capture the beauty of the season and press your favorite, Fall leaves and admire them all year long! All you will need is clear contact paper, scissors and of course, beautiful, Fall leaves!

Take the family on a nature walk and gather up all the newly fallen leaves that you want to use in your pressing. Take the leaves home and set them out on a table. You can do this indoors, or if the weather permits, outdoors on a picnic table. Then, cut the clear contact paper to size. We suggest a size that will fit in a picture frame or is the size of a placemat. Peel the contact paper and place the sticky side up on the table. Choose your leaves and arrange them how you want. Next, peel another piece of contact paper and place the sticky side down, onto the leaves, sealing them between the two films. Press down firmly to lock the design into place.

Now, if you want, leave it as is to use as a wall picture or as a placemat for your table. Or, cut out the leaves to use in other ways! You can string the leaves up to create doorway garnishes or tape the leaves to windows and doors! You can even send your design to a family member who is not living nearby! 

5. Plan A Fall Harvest Family Dinner! 

Gather up seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin and squash and create special, harvest dishes! Ask each family member to create their own Fall dish to share! If it turns out to be a mild, sunny, Fall day, have your dinner outdoors! Decorate the room or outdoor area with Fall crafts. Light candles or jack-o-lanterns to create a Fall ambiance! This is another family, Fall activity that your family can enjoy year and year again!

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In conclusion, we hope that you and your family will try out and enjoy our 5 family-friendly, Fall activities!


Robin, and the Zen Team!

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