The human brain is indeed mysterious. Its power is not fully utilized or even understood at this point in time. The brain interprets the world around us by using synapses and neurons. It forms qualities, subjective thoughts, and memories which make each person an individual.


How Does Memory Work?

The human brain needs constant energy to function. In fact, it consumes about 20 percent of the body’s daily energy reserve. With this energy, it is always working and evolving.

Memory is built and fortified through connections of the various regions of the brain. These connections stay strong until we reach a certain age. Then, either naturally through disuse, or through disease, such as Altziemer’s, the connections break down causing memory loss.

As you age, there are ways to help fortify your memory and to enhance it.

To help, here are 5 lifestyle changes you can make now to help improve your brain functions and memory over the long haul.






5 Effective Ways To Enhance Your Memory

1. Understand Your Brain and Recollection

To help maintain memory function, it is first important to understand how your brain works. As you witness and perceive the world, memories are encoded into short-term memories.

Then, they are stored in various parts of your brain as “working memories.” Through recollection, you access these memories in storage.

The process of recollection is a helpful exercise in itself for helping to improve your memory functions. Do you notice how certain sights or sounds can recall a memory? Well, you can put recollection into practice by becoming aware of what recalls your memories and then choose to focus on certain points of view to force your brain to make new associations. This exercise will strengthen your neural network.

Recollection goes along with self-awareness, as well. The more self-aware you are, the easier recollection will become.

Literal self-awareness with cameras, microphones, audiences, or mirrors can improve the accuracy of memory.


2. Journal Write for Self-Awareness

Keeping a journal is a good way to practice self-awareness as it forces you to write about yourself and to discover your true self.

By journal writing, you will often find yourself rehashing daily events. This process is using your memory. Usually, while rehashing, you will write about your emotional feelings and thoughts about the events, as well. This is like putting 2 and 2 together.

Remembering and replaying your emotions and thoughts, while putting it all together on paper─is using a skill called comprehension. It goes a bit further than this, but this is how it all starts, and it is an excellent way to keep your mind active.


3. Keep Learning

As we discontinue learning with older age, our memories begin to fade. This is because our brains become less efficient at encoding and recollection than when we were learning a lot.

Learning arouses various parts of the brain. Language, motor coordination, perception, and problem-solving are all cornerstones of a sharp memory. Therefore, keep learning, or at least, keep reading!


4. Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety have a negative effect on memory formation. Memories formed when there was a lot of stress can be suppressed by the mind. This is because when the memory is recalled, the same stressful feelings are recalled, as well, and the mind wants to protect you from these bad feelings.

Also, memories formed under stress tend to be warped or focused on one extreme thought or feeling instead of the entire event as a whole. This is another reason why self-awareness is important.

It’s important to be aware of your feelings and stress levels to make better memories. Read 9 Life Saving Techniques To Beat Your Anxiety to help with this process.


5. Exercise Your Body, as Well as Your Mind

Exercise is shown to improve cognitive performance. It also promotes the survival of new neurons in the brain. Additionally, exercise enables an increased blood flow and levels of oxygen to the brain, which in turn, supports a healthier brain.

If you think that it’s too hard to get back into exercising, try these simple steps outlined in Small Steps To Getting Back Into Exercising.



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Final Thoughts 

We often remember to take care of our bodies but don’t give our minds the same amount of attention. Take these small steps into consideration to help enhance your memory and to keep your mind strong and healthy.

How do you take care of your mind or improve your memory? Let us know in the comments below!

If you found this information useful, please share it with friends and family so that they too can learn to enhance their memory.



Robin, and the Zen team




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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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