Do you love to read, as I do, but have somehow gotten out of the habit? Do you have a great book that you have meant to read, but for some reason, it’s still sitting there? Reading slumps happen to everyone, and sometimes, for no good reason. Maybe, we are busy, too tired, or our point of view of reading changes─such as reading is work and not as pleasurable as it used to be. How can we get back into reading again?

If you are like me, I love books, and can’t even leave a bookstore without one. However, lately, I’ve been buying books, but not reading them. Why?─I ask myself. Am I watching too much TV, or surfing the internet too much? There must be a good reason! However, I can’t pinpoint what it is.

To get back on track, I’ve made some simple changes that have helped remind me why I love to read in the first place!

First off, let’s remember why reading is so important!


  • Reading Creates Mental Stimulation~

  • Reduces Stress~

  • Reading Offers Knowledge~

  • Expands Your Vocabulary~

  • Reading Improves Your Memory~

  • Improves Your Thinking Skills~ 

  • Improves Focus and Concentration~

  • Reading Leads to Better Writing Skills~


For more info on why reading is good for your overall health and well-being, read “Reading Is To The Mind What Exercise Is To The Body!



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6 Steps To Get Back Into Reading Again!



Get back into reading



1. Create a Friendly Reading Environment

If you enjoy reading in bed before falling asleep for the night, then make it easy to do so!

I’ve realized that one good reason for not reading in my bed anymore was that I didn’t have a good reading lamp close to my bed. To turn off my light for the night, I had to get out of bed! Right there is a big problem! Who wants to get out of bed to turn off a light?─Especially right when you’re ready to dose off? It was much easier to turn off the light before I got into bed, so that turned off the nightly reading, as well.

To fix this, I found a cute lamp to keep on my bedside table. I added a soft light bulb─nothing too bright so that it disturbed the ambiance of the room, but bright enough to read by.

Then, I added some comfy pillows to my bed that allowed me to position myself better to hold and read a book─without dropping it on my face if I did dose off!

Now, I can easily pick up and put down my book and turn on and off my lamp as needed, all from the bedside table.



2. Carry Your Book Around With You

There are plenty of moments in your day when you are doing─well, nothing at all! These moments can be while waiting (for whatever), during lunch, on the bus, or sitting outdoors. Instead of whipping out your phone and playing with apps or reading random news articles, whip out your book instead!

If you find that lugging a book around with you everywhere you go is too much of a hassle, invest in a Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite instead. They come in various sizes which make them easy to carry around with you.

For me, when I carry my book around with me, I find that I now reach for it before reaching for my phone─and, the experience is so much more enjoyable!



3. Give Up on Books That You Might Not Be Really Into

It happens─a book just isn’t as good as you thought it would be. For me, I would always try to push through the book. It killed me not to finish reading a book once I started it. However, why is this the case?

I have discovered that there are too many books which I should be enjoying to be stuck on one book that I am not enjoying. I’ll admit, it is hard to close a book without finishing it, but once I start a new book that is better suited for me, I soon forget about the unfinished book.

Reading should be an enjoyable pastime, so there is no reason to dwell on a book that you are not enjoying.



4. Don’t Start Too Many Books at Once

Keep to reading one to two books at a time. Three at the most! If you go beyond this many books, reading them could start to feel like a chore.

Usually, I’ll read one book at a time, but I realize that some people enjoy switching between books and stories so that they don’t get bored with only one. That’s okay, just be sure not to start too many books that the number becomes overwhelming, and you end up not finishing any of them at all.



5. Join a Book Club

Participating in a book club adds hype to reading and allows you to share what you read with others. Additionally, it keeps you motivated, and you will receive more great book recommendations from the members of a book club.

If you enjoy reading and being around people, a book club is a great social activity, as well! You can find a club to join through online meet-ups, your local bookstore, and the library.



6. Maintain Your Reading Habits

Reading is just like any habit, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising three times a week, or walking your dog every day. As you make these tips part of your daily life, keep the routine going every day!

You’ll soon see that picking up your book becomes second nature and that you will be reading on a much more consistent basis again.



With these tips, we here at Zen Sports Balm hope that you’ll get back to reading again!


Robin, and the Zen team.



How to Get Back Into Reading Again