Vitamin C is imperative to maintaining a healthy immune system! Furthermore, Vitamin C protects against free radicals, aids in the production of collagen and is necessary for brain health. Symptoms of a lack of Vitamin C are swollen or painful joints, high blood pressure, bruising, bleeding gums, dry hair and split ends, slow wound healing and an increase in sickness. A severe lack of Vitamin C can lead to scurvy.  Read here to learn how an entire village met its demise due to a severe lack of Vitamin C!

The recommended daily amount of Vitamin C is 75 mg per day for women and 95 mg per day for men.

I have composed a list of 21 foods containing the highest amounts of Vitamin C!


Papaya is the number 1 food containing the highest amounts of Vitamin C!

Papaya is the number 1 food containing the highest amounts of Vitamin C!


1. Papaya: 

Serving size: 1 medium papaya; 168 mg of Vitamin C; 224% daily value.

2. Bell Peppers:

Serving size: 1 cup; 117 mg of Vitamin C; 157% daily value.

3. Broccoli:

Serving size: 1 cup; 101 mg of Vitamin C; 135% daily value.

4. Brussel Sprouts:

Serving size: 1 cup; 97 mg of Vitamin C; 129% daily value.

5. Strawberries:

Serving size: 1 cup; 85 mg of Vitamin C; 113% daily value.

6. Pineapple: 

Serving size: 1 cup; 79 mg of Vitamin C; 105% daily value.

7. Oranges:

Serving size: 1 medium orange; 70 mg of Vitamin C; 93% daily value.

8. Kiwi:

Serving size: 1 medium; 64 mg of Vitamin C; 85% daily value.

9. Cantaloupe:

Serving size: 1 cup; 59 mg of Vitamin C; 78% daily value.

10. Cauliflower:  

Serving size: 1 cup; 55 mg of Vitamin C; 73% daily value.

11. Kale:

Serving size: 1 cup; 53 mg of Vitamin C; 71% daily value.

12. Cabbage:

Serving size: 1 cup; 52 mg of Vitamin C; 69% daily value.

13. Bok Choy:

Serving size: 1 cup; 44 mg of Vitamin C; 59% daily value.

14. Grapefruit:

Serving size: 1/2 medium grapefruit; 44 mg of Vitamin C; 59% daily value.

15. Parsley:

Serving size: 1/2 cup; 40 mg of Vitamin C; 54% daily value.

16. Turnip, Beet, Mustard, Collard Greens: (in order from highest to lowest levels)

Serving size: 1 cup; 39-35 mg of Vitamin C; 53-46% daily value.

17. Raspberries:

Serving size: 1 cup; 32 mg of Vitamin C; 43% daily value.

18. Tomatoes:

Serving size: 1 cup; 25 mg of Vitamin C; 33% daily value.

19. Lemons and Limes:

Serving size: 1/4 cup; 24 mg of Vitamin C; 31% daily value.

20. Spinach:

Serving size: 1 cup; 18 mg of Vitamin C; 24% daily value.

21. Asparagus:

Serving size: 1 cup; 14 mg of Vitamin C; 18% daily value.

The highest amounts of Vitamin C

Head to your local Farmer’s Market to find fresh foods containing the highest amounts of Vitamin C!

Stay tuned for a post to find out why Vitamin C is imperative to a healthy immune system and other ways that you can boost your immune system!

Keep healthy!


Robin, and The Zen Team!


highest amounts of Vitamin C

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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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