There are some simple lifestyle changes that you can make that are big health boosts! More so, they are easy changes to make! Check out these 20 good and healthy habits that you can start today!

1. Always Think Positive! 

Positive thinking leads to positive results! Furthermore, it can make tough situations better, and it reduces daily stresses.

2. Do What Makes You Happy!

When you don’t have to work, stop being a follower! Do what makes you happy! Sometimes we get so caught up doing what everyone else wants us to do; there is no time for doing what makes us happy! This is a simple lifestyle change that can truly lead to inner happiness.

3. Enjoy Nature as Much as Possible! 

Getting out and reconnecting with nature is extremely important for good mental health! Plus, getting exercise in nature is a 2 for 1 healthy bonus!

4. Drink Lots of Water!

Everyone knows that they should be drinking plenty of water every day! So, put down those sodas and sugary drinks and get rehydrated on good ol’ water! You will be – and feel – healthier, and have a lot more energy!

5. Go to Bed Early!

Going to bed early allows for your body to get the proper amount of sleep to heal itself. You will also feel more rested in the morning and have more energy overall.

6. Get Up Early! 

This might sound odd, but getting up early even when you don’t have to just feels good! It gives you plenty of sunshine during the day to go out and get stuff done! It is easy to accomplish tasks earlier in the day, and then it leaves the evening time for just chilling!

7. Exercise Every Day!

Getting even a small amount of exercise every day is imperative to good health. You might even extend your lifespan by getting regular exercise! Read here to learn how to easily get daily exercise! 

8. Read Daily!

Reading leads to intelligence. It doesn’t even matter what you are reading. You extend your vocabulary and exercise your mind while reading.

9. Make To-Do Lists and Tacke Them! 

Making daily to-do lists makes it easier to stay focused and on target! It also creates a sense of achievement when you scratch off each agenda on your list!

10. Try New Recipes! 

This healthy habit is one of my favorites! It really contributes to your health to find new and healthy recipes to create. Don’t you get bored eating the same foods all the time? Do you often look at new recipes but feel that you never have the time actually to prepare them? Find the time and make it a daily – or at least weekly – habit to make a new and healthy recipe! You will be happy that you did… and, just think, you might find that new and unique dish to take to that next get-together!



Healthy Habits!

Healthy Habits Means a Healthy You!


11. Stop Fearing Failure! 

The fear of failing will just keep you from doing new things! Stop thinking like that! Fear can really hinder what you can accomplish! If you do fail, try, try again!

12. Learn Something New Every Day! 

Make it a healthy habit to learn something new every single day! It only takes minutes, and it’s a big intelligence boost!

13. Practice Yoga! 

Doing yoga is just a healthy way to relieve both physical and mental stresses. Even if you feel you can’t do it every day, start slow with once a week. You never know, yoga could really be a big boost to your health and well-being in many ways!

14. Always Stay Resilient!

Things are not always going to go your way. This is a given. Instead of always buckling under pressure, expect it and stay strong! Push through every situation with your head held high! You will gain tons of self-confidence in the meantime!

15. Never Give Up on Your Dreams!

It’s easy to get down when things take a turn in the wrong direction. However, don’t give up! Consider let down’s as just a bump in the road and keep working towards your dreams!

16. Maybe the Best of Healthy Habits – Eat Breakfast Every Single Day!

Don’t skip on breakfast! Even if you are not hungry, eat something! Breakfast fuels your body for the rest of the day! This could be the most important lifestyle change that you make!

17. Snack on Healthy Foods! 

Stop eating those sugary snacks! It is so beneficial to snack on fruits, vegetables, whole wheats or low-fat dairy products instead of candy or chips! Take a look at these 6 foods that make you feel happy and are good for you! 

18. Make an Exercise Routine!

This goes along with getting daily exercise, but actually creating an exercise routine can be super fun and healthy! The best way to go is small! Don’t overthink it! Read Small Steps To Get Back To Exercise to help!

19. Set Goals ─ Long Terma and Short Term!

Write down your goals and continuously work towards them. Make sure you have enough of short term goals on that list! As you accomplish your short term goals, you will experience success, and that motivates you to keep on going towards the longer term ones!

20. Learn That It Is Okay To Say No! 

Saying No is important because saying yes all the time, to everyone, can be truly overwhelming and stressful! Make sure that you have enough time each day to take care of yourself! Everyone needs self-time, so do what makes you happy and pamper yourself more often!


Start today! Don’t wait to incorporate healthy habits into your life! These are all easy lifestyle changes that are good for your overall health and well-being!


Robin, and the ZEN Team!



Healthy Habits

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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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