Are you, your friends and family looking to get outside and do something different this weekend? Check out our list of 20 healthy, fun and free, family activities that you can get into this weekend!

  1. Play Tag!

    This classic game can be a lot of fun, and I bet it will bring back some childhood memories! Be creative and change up the rules a bit or find an area for a big playing field. Playing a game of tag is the perfect, family fun, as well as a healthy pastime!

  2. Play Hide And Seek!

    Take tag a bit further and make it into a family style game of outdoor hide and seek! Find a good place to play with lots of trees or obstacles to hide behind. This is a great activity for the young and old alike!

  3. Play Flashlight Tag!

    What is flashlight tag you ask? This is fun, outdoor, after-dark style of tag! Just be careful to set up a perimeter and know of all the obstacles before beginning so that nobody gets hurt!

  4. Create a Scavenger Hunt! 

    This will take some pre-planning, but who doesn’t like a well-planned scavenger hunt? Take it to your favorite park, or outdoor space. Make a list of clues with each one leading to the next hidden clue! Be creative so players can’t follow each other. Hide prizes along the way, or have one big surprise for the overall winner! Take a look at some scavenger hunt ideas here!

  5. Create a Treasure Hunt!

    Make a map and coordinate hidden treasures. Maybe have each person start from a different area with small treasures along the way to the final, big one! Again, this will take some pre-planning and a lot of creativity! For some ideas on how to create a treasure hunt, take a look at these treasure hunt ideas!

  6. Go Geocaching!

    If you love to look for treasure, but don’t want to take the time to create your own game, Geocaching is the perfect solution. You can Geocache alone, or with a group. Basically, it is an outdoor hunt where other Geocachers have hidden a cache in the woods ─ or anywhere really! Get the free app at to get started! All you need is your cell phone with active GPS tracking to begin, or a handheld GPS unit. This is great fun for the entire family! And, after you get started, you can hide your own geocaches for other cachers to find!

  7. Go Hiking!

    Hiking is a great pastime and way to get out into nature. There are plenty of places to hike near you with a varying degree of difficulty. And, you never know what you may discover out there! Take a look at to find a nearby trail!

  8. Walk Your Dog! 

    I don’t mean just walk your dog around the block! GO somewhere DIFFERENT! Go discover a new park or hiking trail with your pooch. Exploring nature never gets old!

  9. Go On A Self-Guided Tour!

    This is one of my most favorite of all family activities! Pick a place that you have never been to before. Let the entire family or group in on the choice. Afer you choose a great location, begin to do some research. What are the sites? What are people saying is cool about the area? Map out your destinations and head on out to explore and discover a new place!

  10. Family Activities At A New Park!

    Have everyone look at a map and pick out several parks that your family or group has never been to before! Make a day of it! Pack a picnic or bring the grill! Find out what kind of activities the park offers or plan some of your own! Use this list for some suggestions!

  11. Go Fishing!

    If you have never fished, you might be surprised at how fun this sport actually is! Now, I thought about not including this one, because it is not initially or totally free, especially if you don’t have rods and tackle. Maybe you can borrow some rods from a friend that fishes, just to see if you like it? If you do need rods, you can find them pretty cheap at big box stores. Once you have a rod and tackle, the cost of fishing is just the bait! Fishing is a great, outdoor, family activity too!

  12. Build An Obstacle Course!

    Yeah, that’s right! Build it for your kids or dog! Help your kids build one for the dog! Take a look at this how-to-build-an-obstacle-course wiki to get some great ideas!

  13. Build A Fort!

    Do you have any old junk or building materials laying around or in your shed? See what you have and build a fort with your kids! They will love you forever!!

  14. Build A Rope Swing!

    Hang a rope over a sturdy tree limb and attach a tire or board to the end for the seat. Or, you can make one where you stand in the bottom loop. Make sure to test out the rope first! Here are some ideas on how to make a rope swing.

  15.  Play In The Sprinklers! 

    Great family fun here! If you don’t have sprinklers installed in your yard, don’t fret ─ make your own! You can do this by finding an old hose and poking holes in it at an inch, or so, intervals. Hook it up to your outdoor water spicket, and enjoy! This is perfect family fun for a hot day!

  16. Go Swimming!

    To keep this free, find a nearby State Park or lake that offers a free beach! Or, find a nearby creek that is in a safe area and play in the creek!

  17. Go Dancing!

    Download some music and take it outdoors! Dancing is contagious, and you never know what you might start!

  18. Walk And Stop To Smell The Roses!

    Take a walk around your neighborhood and really take a look at what you don’t normally see when you are zooming past in your car! Or, go to the local park or garden! Find somewhere you have never been before and just walk!

  19. Start A Nature Collection!

    Pick something from nature that interests you or your family. Then go out and start finding it. It can be cool rocks, shells, leaves or flowers! Or ─ whatever you want! This is a great activity to do with small children because it gives them something to do on a walk or hike.

  20. Volunteer At Your Local Park!

    Most of your local parks are run and maintained by volunteers! This is a great way to get involved in a social, outdoor activity!



Hope you get the chance to try out these super-fun, family activities!


Robin, and The ZEN Team!




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