Everyone wants to live a longer life! Right? Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes that you can make to do just that! By following these 15 secrets, you can not only live a longer life but can live a healthier and happier life, as well! So, take a look at these simple, life-changing secrets! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


~ 15 Secrets To Live A Longer Life! ~


1. Get Healthy At A Cellular Level!

Here’s something that you might not realize. . . The ends of your chromosomes become shorter as you age! As this occurs, it is easier for you to get sick. Now, this is not something that you can stop from happening entirely, but many health professionals believe that by eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, you can dramatically slow down the process! Hence, slowing down the process can result in a boosted immune system, less sickness, a healthier and happier life, plus a means to live a longer life!

2. Learn To Be Conscientious!

In simple terms, people who pay heed to detail, think things over, and try to do the right thing more often than not ─ live a longer life! In general, these kind of people make smarter decisions which lead to a healthier and happier, overall well-being.

3. Make Friends!

Making friends keeps away the sense of loneliness which can lead to sadness and sometimes even depression. We’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t enjoy your alone time, but it is nice to have someone to talk to when you are feeling down. Plus, getting out with friends makes everyone feel better! 

4. Learn To Choose The Right Friends! 

Choose friends with good habits! Habits rub off on people, so you don’t want to hang around people with bad or unhealthy habits!

5. Stop Smoking!

How many times have you heard this suggestion? More than likely, a lot, and that is because it is true! Smoking is super unhealthy, and not only for you but for the people around you, as well. Plus, think about how much money you will save!

Stop smoking to live a longer life. . . and to save money!

Stop smoking to live a longer life. . . and to save money!

6. Know That It’s Okay To Take Naps!

Siestas are a common practice in many countries across the world! Why? Because letting your body repair, and allowing your brain to rest, results in an overall healthier body. Research is presently being done which might suggest that taking a daily nap can reduce heart disease. Plus, taking a half hour nap can allow you to feel reenergized and refreshed! 

7. Eat Healthy!

 Yes, you probably hear this a lot, but eating your fruits and veggies is really important for lots of reasons. Furthermore, eating whole wheat grains, fish and healthy fats is great for a healthy body! For more info on healthy fats, take a look at the post, 4 Surprisingly Healthy Fats ~ 3 You Might Not Know Of! 

8. Eat Like an Okinawan!

Going along with eating healthy, try eating like an Okinawan! According to reports from 2012, there are over 450 centenarians in Okinawa alone! It is praised as the healthiest place on Earth! Their longevity has been connected to their lifestyle and diet, which also empowers them to enjoy healthy and happy lives! The usual Okinawan diet consists mainly of fish, vegetables ─ lots of sweet potatoes ─  and rice. Take a look at this fascinating post, Japan’s Okinawa Island where over 450 people are over the age of 100, to discover more!

9. Lose some weight! 

If you are overweight, it is truly in your best interest to lose some of it! Mainly because it is healthier for your heart not to be overweight. Plus, you will just feel better and possibly can live a longer life!

10. Get back into exercising!

Exercising is good for your overall health and mental state. It not only works out your body and your heart, but it also works out your mind and releases negative energy. Releasing negative energy is imperative to relieving, and reducing, stress and anxiety! If you are not sure how to get back into exercising, take a look at  Small Steps To Get Back Into Exercising!  These steps are an easy way to work back into it, plus there are ideas for different kinds of exercises for you to try!


Living a longer life

There are lots of different types of exercises that you can truly enjoy and easily incorporate into your daily life!

11. Drink Alcohol In Moderation!

Drinking too much alcohol is bad for several reasons, First, it’s not good for your heart, liver, kidneys and liver. Furthermore, it drys out your skin, adds weight to your gut, boosts your blood pressure levels, and can lead to other health problems. The alcohol intake limit should be 2 drinks per day for a man, and 1 drink per day for a woman.

12. Properly Use Saftey Gear!

Accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States ─ many which could have been avoided with the use of proper safety gear! Children should always wear a bike helmet, and anyone riding a bike in a busy area, or on a rough trail, should always wear a bike helmet, as well. Motorcyclists should regularly wear a helmet! If you are a kayaker or boater, make sure to wear your life jacket! Plus, you should always wear your seatbelt while riding in a car.

13. Make Sure To Get Your Beauty Rest! 

Your body heals while you sleep. Therefore, it is really important to get in your 8 hours per night! Getting sufficient, quality sleep can reduce your chance of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and mood disorders. Furthermore, sleep helps you to recover from illness a lot faster. If you don’t give your body that time to repair and to rest, it will eventually lead to fatigue and sickness. To live a longer life, get your beauty rest!

14. Learn How To Manage Your Stress!

Learning to manage your stress can substantially reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and even stop burnout from happening. You can never completely avoid stress due to our “stressful,” busy lifestyles, but you can learn to manage it! If you are not sure how to manage your stress, Try these 10 Steps To Less Stress! These simple suggestions can add years to your life!

15. Make Sure To Always Have A Sense Of Purpose!

Find a hobby or activity that has meaning for you! Keeping a sense of purpose will keep you feeling “purposeful” and it will keep you active while doing something that you enjoy. It might surprise you at how much you fancy a new hobby and where it might lead you! You will never know until you try!


You never know where a new hobby might lead you! Plus, it fills a sense of purpose, which can help you to live a longer life!

You never know where a new hobby might lead you! Plus, it fills a sense of purpose, which can help you to live a longer life!


In conclusion, making simple lifestyle changes truly can add years to your life! Let us know of any changes you have made in which you feel can help you to live a longer life!


Robin, and the Zen Team!


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment. 

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