We all want to be positive and happy all the time, but unfortunately, that’s just not reality. It’s perfectly okay to have a “bad day.” Do we have to accept our bad day and suffer through it? Nope! Waking up on the wrong side of the bed doesn’t mean that our day is completely laid in waste!

Take a look at these cures for a bad day and make your day good again!

14 Ways To Make Your Bad Day Good! 

1. Find someone to rant to! 

Sometimes getting things off of your chest can make you feel a lot better! Just make sure to be there for your victim when he or she needs to get something off of their chest!

2. Write it out!

Journal writing allows you to express your emotions or get them out in a healthy way. It’s a natural road to healing your mind and overall well-being. As you write, you are allowing your thoughts to be singled out, and then realization can materialize in the form of self-reflection.

Journaling is a healthy way to get some things off of your chest and to make your bad day good!

Journaling is a healthy way to get some things off of your chest and to make your bad day good!

Furthermore, journaling can help with creativity and is a wonderful memory boosting activity. Click here to learn more about why journaling is so healthy for your body, mind and soul!  

3. Take some time for yourself!  

Take some time off and take care of yourself. Do something uplifting or pamper yourself. If you can’t take time off, plan a nice treat for yourself aftward. It will give you something to look forward to and brighten your mood.

4. Do a physical activity!

Any activity will do. Physical activity will help to relieve stress and negative emotions to make you feel better. Go for a walk with your dog, go for a jog, or simply do some yoga in your living room! To find an excellent online instructor with full-length sessions, check  Free Online Yoga Classes Part One and Part Two. ─ Tons of classes and something for everyone!

5. Do something nice for someone else!

Do you have an elderly relative that you can visit? Maybe take some flowers or bring dinner. Performing an act of kindness for another person is a win – win situation. Both of you will reap the benefits.

Visit an elderly loved one or volunteer at the local retirement home to make everyone's bad day good!

Visit an elderly loved one or volunteer at the local retirement home to make everyone’s bad day, good!

6. Cook Your favorite meal!

Eating your favorite foods can make you feel better! Just try to keep it healthy! Eating fattening foods will only bog you down and will not make you feel any better! Find a new, healthy recipe to cook and try it out instead! You never know, you might find a new favorite dish!

7. Invite friends over!

Hanging out with friends will always make you feel better! Plan a movie or game night for some extra laughs!

8. Work on a new or favorite hobby!

Find a hobby that you truly enjoy. Having an enjoyable hobby will make you feel better and as if you are accomplishing something. Do you make crafts, paint, or create something unique? Try selling at your local flea market or join craft shows!

crafting can make a bad day, good!

Find a new crafting hobby and see where it takes you! If nothing else, doing a project that you enjoy will brighten our day! 

 9. Meditate! 

Meditation is a great stress reducer. Plus it allows you to find your inner self. Learn what meditation is, and what it is not, then here is a guide to the 7 chakras to help understand even further. To help, go online and find a guided meditation to get started. Here are a variety to choose from and this one called “The Seat” by the Honest Guys is one of my favorites.

10. Do something just for fun! 

Go to a movie or rent one you’ve been wanting to see. Go golfing, swimming or biking in a beautiful park. Maybe do something different that you have wanted to try! Remember, the goal is to have fun!

11. Relax with some music and sing!     

Put on your favorite music and let go! Did you know that singing is good for your health?

12. Visit a new coffee shop, antique shop or craft store!

Have you been wanting to go check out a new coffee shop, antique shop or another store of interest? Maybe leave your wallet at home, however, if you are on a budget. A spending spree won’t make you feel better!

bad day

Go to a local antique shop or flea market to have an enjoyable time!

Sometimes it’s nice to go antiquing just to see what’s out there. Or, check out your local flea market, farmer’s market or even a museum!

 13. Call your mom, dad, sister, brother or another family member! 

Staying in touch with family can really make you feel better!

14. Do something or watch something that will make you laugh!

I mean like crazy laugh! Nothing will make you feel better than a good laugh. Go to a comedy show or watch some funny Youtube videos. Do you know of an old movie or favorite tv show that always made you laugh? Take some time out to watch it again.


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In conclusion, we hope that these tips can help to make your bad day a good day!

Furthermore, we would love to know how you make your bad days good! Please share your tips with us!

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Robin and the Zen team!


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment. 

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