As humans, we all have flaws. However, are you over critical of your flaws? Maybe so much and to the point where you are rude to yourself without even noticing it? Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are being too rude to yourself! If you find out that you are over critical and rude, we have also included some tips on how to stop the destructive behavior.

being rude to yourself

Stop being rude to yourself and learn to become more self-confident!

1. Does Worrying About Your Weight Affect How Much You Enjoy Yourself?  

If you are constantly worrying about your weight and allowing it to affect your mood and enjoyment in activities, you are being rude to yourself! It is important to learn how to be comfortable in your own skin. Everyone is created differently, and it is okay to be different! If your weight truly bothers you, instead of judging yourself for it, do something about it! Yes, diets are hard, so find another way to lose some of the extra pounds. Take a look at these ways to find a fun and healthy, fat burning activity!

2. Are You Always Worried About How You Look?

Always worrying about how you look is completely unnecessary! Learn to let go and appreciate your unique look! Again, it is time to become comfortable in your own skin! When you truly let go of your flaws and stop beating yourself up over them, you can finally begin to enjoy the small things in life!

3. Do You Often Think That You Are Not Good Enough?

Why are you not good enough? Would you ever tell anyone else that they are not good enough? Then, why do you do such a rude thing to yourself? Stop telling yourself that you are not good enough and start to believe in yourself! You are good enough to do anything that you put your mind to or work towards!

4. Do You Beat Yourself Up For Making Small Mistakes?

It is important to realize that every single person on this planet makes mistakes! It’s part of being human! Stop being rude to yourself and let go of past mistakes! Learn from your mistakes and move on!

5. Do You Feel Guilty For Eating Certain Foods Then Dwell on It?

Everyone deserves a treat sometimes. Instead of being angry at yourself for eating some junk food, do some extra exercises to burn the calories. Or, allow yourself one or two treats a week and stop stressing over it. Make a plan so that you don’t feel so deprived ─ and guilty!

6. Do You Constantly Feel As Though You Don’t Have Your Life Together?

If you feel this way and harass yourself over it, stop the rudeness by making some changes. Life changes can be hard to make, but if the change is an improvement, isn’t the effort put forth worth it? Stop complaining and blaming yourself and start to get your life together!

7. Do You Always Compare Yourself To Other People?

It is hard not to look at friends, family and even strangers and wish that you look as good as them, are as successful as them, or have what they have. If you really think about it, these thoughts make no sense. You are not them ─ you are you! Worry about what you have ─ be thankful for what you have. For success ─ work towards your dreams! As for looks, find new fashion trends that you might enjoy. . . And again, learn to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin!

8. Do You Reject Possible Romantic Partners Before They Know You?

If you do this because of low-self esteem, then this is something that you really need to work on. Telling yourself that you are not good enough to be in a relationship is being totally rude to yourself! As mentioned before, would you ever tell anyone else that they are not good enough for their partner, or to have a partner? Probably not – so, why do it to yourself? You need to learn how to give other people the chance to get to know you. If you can’t act like yourself, or are uncomfortable with yourself, then how can anyone ever get to know the real you? Find the real you and let you shine!

9. Do You Consider Yourself Unworthy?

Thinking that you are unworthy of great things is being completely rude to yourself. Stop and ask yourself ─ why are you unworthy while others are worthy? Even if you have made mistakes or aren’t as successful as you want to be, there is always room for improvement! So, stop being rude to yourself and start to work towards change! Make yourself worthy!

10. Do You Get Mad At Yourself Or Call Yourself Stupid?

Everyone gets mad at themselves sometimes. Everyone does stupid things sometimes. The key for successful people is not to be so rude to themselves as to dwell on it and to constantly belittle themselves. Having self-confidence, learning from mistakes and moving on is all a part of life. Learning this is the key to success!


Learn to be self-confident and to take control of your life!

In conclusion, if you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a true bully to yourself! Stop criticizing your weaknesses and learn to build upon them instead! Learn to be capable and begin to improve your self-awareness and self-worth.

Treat yourself the same way that you treat others! Be kind, respectful and have compassion, courage and confidence!


Robin, and The ZEN Team!



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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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