Everyone experiences stress from time to time. From daily worries to work overloads, stress is always breathing down our backs. There are ways to fight back, however. Try out these 10 steps to less stress!


~ 10 Steps To Less Stress ~


Step One~ Learn to Manage Your Time Better! 

Create flexible routines for busy times of the day. For example, in the morning, find a routine that works for you and try to stick to it every morning. Leave time for flexibility, however, just in case. By keeping the same routine each morning, you will feel like you have a plan opposed to running around unorganized and trying to multi-task so that you won’t be late. Do the same for lunch time and maybe for dinner time and bed time.

Remember that your schedule does not need to be too firm! Leave time between tasks to smell the daisies! Running from task to task without any leeway time can actually lead to more stress. Once you get behind, it is hard to catch up. If possible, you want to leave enough time between tasks or events so that you never feel rushed or late.

Create lists if you need help managing your time. Lists can help to keep you on track!

Step Two~ Prepare For Tomorrow Today!

Take some time each evening to prepare for the next day. Lay out your clothes and pack your lunch. Do anything possible to give yourself more time for your morning routine. Staying ahead of things feels good, and having that extra time in the morning feels even better!

Step Three~ Slow Down! 

Slow down and enjoy the little things! Don’t let life pass you by! This is why you should have some flexibility in your routines so that you can take some time out if need be. It’s also good to focus on details. Rushing through things doesn’t always get you ahead. You might be surprised at what you discover or actually see when you take some time out to really look!



Steps to Less Stress

Slow down and don’t forget to enjoy the small pleasures in life!


Step Four~ Move Around as Often as Possible!

Small spurts of activity help to battle fatigue which can contribute to reducing stress. Exercise relieves stress ─ even if you have a full schedule, a 10-minute walk can relieve as much anxiety as a 45-minute workout. If you sit at a desk, get up often and move around. Take a walk at lunch time. Try to get in some kind of physical activity on a regular basis. You will have more energy and feel a lot better!

Step Five~ Laugh!

Don’t sweat the small stuff! Laugh as much as possible. Laughing releases endorphins that improve your mood. Hence, laughter lowers levels of stress. If you have any aches or pains, laughter can help to relieve them. Plus, laughter is contagious. If you keep a good mood and laugh often, others around you are sure to follow!

Step Six~ Enjoy Nature!

Get outside! Spending time outdoors is a natural anxiety reducer and anti-depressant. The beauty of nature has a calming effect and aids in relieving your daily stresses! Even if you are busy, make sure to take that 10-minute lunch time walk! Take a look at A Connection With Nature ~ How To Heal Your Mind!


A connection with nature will help to heal your mind!

A connection with nature will help to heal your mind!

Step Seven~ Don’t Forget to Breathe!

When things get rough, don’t forget to breathe! Take a few minutes and take a series of deep breaths. Slow breathing reduces stress hormones and can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Step Eight~ Meditate Each Day! 

Make sure to find and maintain your inner peace! Even if you have a busy day, it is easy to find the time to meditate. All you need to do is clear your mind and focus on your breathing, even for a few minutes at a time. If you do have the extra time, find a creative way to meditate each day. You can sit outdoors, take a bath or even do yoga.

Step Nine~ Write Daily in a Journal!

Journal writing has been proven to help with self-reflection which in return reduces anxiety and stress. Writing each day can help to organize your thoughts. Furthermore, journaling can help you to record and keep goals and achievements. It can also help you to remember what you are grateful for. Journaling is another way to find and maintain your inner self! Check out these 10 fascinating reasons why journal writing is super healthy!


Journal Writing

Journal writing is super healthy!

Step Ten~ Get Your Sleep For Less Stress!

Sleep is so essential to your health. While sleeping, your body repairs and heals itself. The healing process reduces the built-up, daily stresses that we incur. Moreover, getting a good night’s sleep allows you to be physically and mentally prepared for the next day, which now can start off stress-free!


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In conclusion, we all know about stress. You can’t always stop it from creeping up on you, but you can take these 10 steps to seriously lessen your stress!


Robin, and the ZEN Team!







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**Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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