Some people have all the signs of anxiety, but don’t realize that they suffer from it. Sometimes it is avoidance; sometimes it is a misinterpretation. Take a look at these 10 signs of anxiety and discover if you are a victim of this distressing condition.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety?


~ 10 Signs That You Suffer From Anxiety ~

1. You Self-Diagnose!

Are you always online trying to figure out what is wrong with you? Maybe you got a sniffle or a cough and the next thing you know, you are dying from some horrible disease? Well, my friends, this is a tell-tale sign that you are suffering from anxiety.

Now, it is normal to be worried about your health, and if you think there is something truly wrong you, should see a doctor. However, if you are always self-diagnosing, then stressing over the possibilities, you are exhibiting anxious behavior!

2. Smiling & Nodding!

Do you find yourself smiling during conversations and doing a lot of nodding? Okay, so maybe you have a friend who talks too much, and you can’t get a word in edgewise . . . Or, are you just agreeing, smiling and thinking to yourself how you would love for this conversation to be over with ─ right now? There could be several reasons for reacting in such a way, but if you do this often, with a lot of different people, you might just have anxiety!

3. Overthinking Everything!

Do you overthink too much about every little detail? When people talk, do you over-analyze what they “really” mean? Or, do you have thoughts like, “Omg, I shouldn’t have said that!” or “She was smiling at me, but she really hates me!“? Are you always thinking that people are saying one thing, but actually are thinking another? These irrational thoughts might be a sign that you are an anxious person.

Furthermore, do you overthink what you should do ─ all the time? For instance, should I go here or there, this way or that way, or should you say this or that? ─ then try to imagine how it all will be interpreted by others? Do you have trouble making basic decisions, such as where, when, how, what and why? ─ pretty much about everything that you do? This overthinking, overanalyzing and delayed decision making could all mean that you suffer from anxiety.

4. Napping A Lot!

Do you nap a lot? Maybe to get away from your stresses? If you feel as if you need to go and lay down a lot, to get away from the world, then you might suffer from anxiety.

5. Canceling Your Plans Due To Nervousness!

Do you find yourself feeling so nervous about situations that you just say, “Forget it, I’m not going!“? Now, it’s okay to really not want to do something; maybe you’re just not interested! However, if you are canceling planned events because you are too nervous, then you probably are suffering from anxiety.


Do you call and cancel plans a lot because you feel nervous about going? If so, you might be suffering from anxiety.

Do you call and cancel plans a lot because you feel nervous about going? If so, you might be suffering from anxiety.

6. Always Imagine The Worst?

Do you always imagine the worst possible scenario, no matter what? Are you pessimistic all the time? It’s always good to keep alert for danger, but if you are looking for it around every corner, you just might be suffering from an anxious condition.

7. Extensive Procrastination! 

Everyone procrastinates sometimes, but if you do it a lot, it could be signs of an underlining issue. If you procrastinate because of nervousness, fright, thinking that it is too hard or worry, you probably are suffering from anxiety. Putting things off, then worrying about them afterward, is another sign of concern.

8. Not Facing Your Problems!

Do you put problems out of your mind and then try to purposely not think about them? Maybe you try to run from them and avoid them all together? This is a sign of low self-confidence, which usually stems from anxiety.

9. Trouble Sleeping!

Does your mind race all night while you are trying to sleep? If you are up all night, worrying about every little thing ─ past, present and future ─ then you definitely are experiencing a form of anxiety. Furthermore, by not letting your mind rest, you take all of this negativity with you into your day which will result in even more stress. 

10. Sweating A Lot!

Do you find yourself sweating a lot, more often than you should be? Nervousness causes sweating, and if this happens to you while you are performing everyday activities, you might be suffering from an anxious condition. 

In conclusion, everyone suffers from a bout of anxiety here and there. However, if you find yourself exhibiting these symptoms more often than not, you probably have chronic anxiety. If you find this to be the case, ask your doctor about treatments that can help.  

Furthermore, reducing your stress levels can contribute to reducing anxiety, so take a look at the post,  10 Steps To Less Stress!  


Robin, and the Zen Team!


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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment. 

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