Did you keep a diary when you were a teenager as most of us did? If so, do you remember the pleasant feelings you used to get while indulging your deepest and darkest secrets to your dear, ol’ diary? Journal writing as a child was like talking with our best friends ─ telling of the secret crushes and thoughts that we wouldn’t dare tell another soul. Little did we know back then that writing in our diaries every night was not only soul-searching but was good for our health, both mentally and physically.

So, how about trying it as an adult? It turns out that journal writing is still an excellent way to get some things off of our chests, while at the same time boosting our IQ, memory, creativity and relieving some stress from our daily lives. Here are 10 fascinating reasons why journal writing is super healthy!

1. Helps to control our emotions in a healthy way!

Writing in a journal helps us to realize our emotions in an intelligent way. Journal writing is an outlet for our emotions and increasing our self-awareness. By understanding our emotions better, it helps us to learn how to control them better. It also allows us to see other’s emotions and understand why other people might be feeling the way that they are.

2. Journal writing helps to strengthen our self-discipline. 

Just by making a commitment to write and setting time aside for it daily, you are creating self-discipline. Forming healthy habits like journal writing can spread to other areas in your life. Once you realize that you enjoy this kind of routine, try to start up other small routines that are beneficial and that you might enjoy ─  like going for a daily walk or bike ride.

3. Journal writing is healing. 

Journal writing is a road to healing ─ mentally, emotionally and physically. Stress can occur from over thinking and emotional blockage. Running thoughts through your head over and over again without truly understanding their meaning or worth. By putting words on paper, in your own words, you are freeing yourself from this mental tangle. As you write, you are allowing your thoughts to be singled out, and then realization can materialize. This can be a big stress reliever. We all know the negative impacts of stress on our minds, emotions and physical health. So write in your journal and let it all out!

4. Journal writing can help with self-confidence. 

Writing about your self-doubts allows your mind to focus on them ─  and to realize that is just what they are- doubts. By writing about your achievements and positive experiences too, you can easily remember what that sense of accomplishment feels like ─ and this allows you to keep in mind that you can always do what you set your mind to! By thinking that you really can do what you want to do, it enables your self-esteem to be boosted, which in turn increases your self-confidence! It’s a great circle to be a part of!


Journal writing is super healthy ─ mentally, emotionally and physically.

Journal writing is super healthy ─ mentally, emotionally and physically.


5. It’s a great source of creativity!

You can use journal writing as “stream of consciousness” writing. It’s just randomly writing any thought that comes into your head ─ or brainstorming as some say. This is helpful for mental block, writer’s block and for anyone who just wants to see “what’s in there”! You might bring out thoughts and ideas that you never knew you had! It allows your mind to loosen up which ultimately will allow the ideas to flow!

6. Improve your writing and communication skills!

The more you write, the better you get at it. You also will get better at communicating what you are trying to relay. Even if you are communicating with your journal, you will carry this new skill with you into the real world.

7. Journal writing boosts comprehension and memory!

By journal writing, you will often find yourself rehashing daily events. This is using your memory. Usually, while rehashing, you will write about your emotional feelings and thoughts about the events as well. This is like putting 2 and 2 together. Remembering and replaying your emotions and thoughts, while putting it all together on paper ─  is using a skill called comprehension. It goes a bit further than this, but this is how it all starts, and it is a great way to keep your mind active.

8. Journal writing can help you to keep and achieve goals! 

As you write down your goals, dreams and ambitions, it makes them more real. Writing about them daily will help you to keep working towards accomplishing them, and eventually to achieve them. This is true because you are constantly reminded of them. Writing about goals also trains your brain to focus on them often which will more likely lead to success.

9. Helps to build up your IQ! 

Journal writing contributes to making you smarter! Writing is an exploration of language. While writing, you will have the urge to learn new words to express yourself better. This will increase your vocabulary, which in turn increases your IQ! It is said that one of the best tests of intelligence is measuring one’s vocabulary!

10. Journal writing evokes mindfulness!

It’s been shown that there is a huge connection between mindfulness and happiness! Journalism can bring you to that state of mindfulness where you actively engage with your thoughts and allow future anxieties to lose their edge in the present moment. This is really helpful for maintaining your overall, present happiness!


In conclusion, get a new, fresh journal and just start writing! Set aside a little bit of time each day. Or, carry it around with you and write whenever you get an urge or have something important you want to capture. You will be surprised at what journal writing can do for your health ─ mentally, emotionally and physically!


Robin, and The ZEN Team!


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Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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