Do you have a hard time winding down, clearing your mind or focusing due to stress or worry? It’s a great thing to have a full life. A good job, family and lots of friends. The thing is, however, that our busy lives can tug on us from all sides. Plus, not everything always goes as planned. When this happens, stress and worry build up, which dominates our minds and makes it hard to wind down or focus on the things that really matter. The key to quieting your mind is to find peace and clarity! Read on to find out how!

~ 10 Simplistic Methods To Quieting Your Mind ~

1. Take a Nice Walk!

Take a walk alone or with your pup! Walk slowly and really take in the scenery around you! In other words, stop to smell the roses! Walking is a natural stress reliever, and getting some fresh air and enjoying the scenery can help in quieting your mind!

2. Have a Heart to Heart With a Good Friend!

Talk out your problems or worries with a good friend. Having a heart to heart can help to quiet your mind and ease your stress by getting it all off of your chest! Furthermore, your friend might have some great advice to help you feel better!

3. Write Daily in a Journal!

Quieting your mind!

Journaling is a great way to reduce stress and to “get it all out!” 

It turns out that journal writing is an excellent way to get some things off of our chests, while at the same time boosting our IQ, memory, creativity and relieving some stress from our daily lives. Here are 10 fascinating reasons why journal writing is super healthy!  

4. Do Something That You Love! 

Find a passion! It can be anything that you love to do! You will find that while doing it, your mind will clear automatically as you focus on your enjoyment. Try a new hobby, go fishing, join a local swim club or try yoga! What are you passionate about?

5. Exercise Regularly! 

Exercise is a true stress reliever and drains excess energy from our bodies. Furthermore, exercise is great for the brain and essential to our overall health, as well. Exercising will give you something to focus on besides for your problems and will help to clear your head. Free your mind with exercise!

6. Sing Your Problems Away!

Singing is good for your overall health and for quieting your mind!

Singing is good for your overall health and for quieting your mind!

Singing can affect us in many ways. It evokes strong emotional responses. Furthermore, it can improve your overall health and well-being! Singing can reduce stress, anxiety and even help to prevent heart problems! 

To learn how singing can truly affect you, read the post, Singing ~ Good For Your Health!

7. Let Go Of Attachments!

What we mean is to let go of expecting certain outcomes! This can be hard, but it is more about living in the moment than always feeling down when something doesn’t go your way. Try to go through an entire day without being attached to outcomes. Then, notice how much more present and clear it makes you feel!

8. Make Alone Time!

Everyone needs some alone time! Find a lovely, peaceful and quiet location where you can spend some time just to reflect. Reflecting helps to calm your mind by focusing on your reality. Be thankful for what you do have opposed to being upset or worried about what you don’t have ─ or what isn’t going your way. While reflecting, solutions to problems can naturally seem clearer, as well.

9. Soak in the Sun!

Quieting your mind

The warmth of the sun will help to boost your mood and quiet your mind.

Make sure to get some sun every day when it’s possible. Your body needs a natural source of Vitamin D to be at its best. Plus, feeling the warm rays on your skin does something wonderful for the mood! Don’t forget your sunscreen, though!

10. Reconnect With Nature!

This tip goes along with a lot of the other ones. However, it is an important one because connecting with nature is imperative to a good, overall well-being. Did you know that in Japan, they make it a daily habit of taking a walk in the forest to improve their mental health? This practice is called shinrin-yoku, which literally means “forest bathing.”

Research has shown that walking in the woods or spending time in nature, in general, has big natural health benefits when it comes to relieving stress, anxiety and pain. ─ And, quieting your mind! To learn more, check out the post, A Connection With Nature ~ How To Heal Your Mind!


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In conclusion, learning how to quiet your mind is essential to letting go of daily stresses, anxiety and worry! We hope that our tips can help you to wind down and enjoy the silence of a quiet mind again!


Robin and the Zen Team!

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*Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose any health condition. Therefore, ask your doctor about any health concerns that you might have and seek proper medical treatment.

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